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Queen Street Yoga Teacher Training

What Does it Take to Become a Yoga Teacher?

At Queen Street Yoga, we believe the answer to this question is community. And community takes time to grow. This is why we structure our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) to take place over course of 10 months. We want to provide time for relationships to grow, for trust to develop, for confidence to build, and for conversations to deepen. While teacher training is a substantial commitment, with our format you don’t have to put your life on hold while developing your yoga practice.

Participants in our two previous YTT programs regularly exclaimed about how supported and encouraged they felt by the faculty and by one another. There was a tangible feeling of deep learning and relationship building happening in the group. Many participants spoke about how the program was impacting and transforming their lives "off the mat", giving them the confidence to try new things, or make significant changes in their lives.

Our 2017 Yoga Teacher Training Program starts in September, and meets one weekend each month until June. If you have been considering our program but something has been holding you back, please come talk to us. And know that wherever you are starting from, whether you want to simply deepen your practice or you are ready to find your voice as a yoga teacher, that we will create a learning community together that can support you.

If you're on the fence about applying, please know that this is likely the only program we will offer for the next few years.

Take the first step and come to one of our info sessions and check out our application form. To receive early acceptance submit your application by July 19. We hope yours is among them!

So warmly,
Leena & Emma
YTT Co-Directors 


Meet us - Come to an Information Session!

Attend an information session about our 2017-2018 program.
Meet Leena and Emma, co-directors of the Teacher Training Program, and bring your questions and curiosities about our program and our approach.

  • Wednesday July 12, 6:30-7:30pm (attend Leena's 7:45pm class for free after the info session)
  • Please email emma [at] queenstreetyoga.com to RSVP for an info session, or if you would like to schedule a one-on-one chat to talk about our program.

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Sharon completes her yoga teaching examYoga teacher trainees work on a group assignment to understand anatomy and alignment


What our grads are saying about us

"I feel that I have learned a depth of yoga instruction and skill that will take the rest of my life to integrate both into my practise and into my life. I have opened my body and my mind into a glimpse of where yoga has come from and where yoga culture is today. It has been an initiation into an ever growing, living body of knowledge and wisdom." - Amanda I.

"In this training I have gained knowledge and with that, confidence. The knowledge gained from this program will stick with me, in my yoga practice and in my life outside of yoga. I wasn't really sure if I could be a yoga teacher.  I struggled with that the entire training. But with the amazing opportunities you provided to practice these new teachings skills, it became clear to me that I totally could do it. And to my surprise, I really like it! This is a practice that will resonate with me always." - Abby P.

"The most important and profound thing I gained from this training was the process of learning something new and making space for mistakes all along the way. Initially I was holding high expectations of myself and trying very hard to do this perfectly. I became discouraged and disenchanted with the training until I realized how my expectations were getting in the way of play and exploration. Once I opened up the possibility for mistakes and invited them in as valuable teachers, the whole experience shifted...Now I know exactly what that means and I see these lessons have universal applications in other areas of my life. Overall, I have gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge to teach asana to students and I have found my voice in the process. I will use that voice to creatively combine this knowledge with my other teachings to be more adventurous and creative." - Chris B.

Read this letter about our program from one of our graduates. 


2017-2018 Program Dates

Dates for Weekend Intensives

Sept 22-24
Oct 13-15
Nov 17-19
Dec 9 (one day only)
Jan 12-14
Feb 9-11
Mar 2-4
Mar 23-25
April 20-22
May 11-13
June 1-3

Weekend Schedule (times may vary):

Friday- 5:30-9:30pm
Saturday- 9:30-1pm, 2:30-6:00
Sunday- 9:30-1pm, 2:30-6:00











Faculty + Curriculum


Leena Miller Cressman, E-RYT-500, YTT Program Director

Science of Practice, Art of Teaching, Business and Ethics of Teaching





Emma Dines, E-RYT-200, YTT Program Director
Practicum Advisor, History of Yoga, Philosophy and Art of Teaching





Matthew Remski, RYT, Yoga Therapist, AHE (Ayurvedic Health Educator)

History of Yoga, Philosophy, Ayurveda



Jesse Enright, E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Founder of Smart Yoga

Experiential Yoga Anatomy




Kathryn Bruni-Young, Co-founder of Yoga Detour Teacher Training

Mindful Strength Training, Functional Movement




Plus other special guests!

Tiina Veer

Founder of Yoga for Round Bodies





Christi-an Slomka

Former director of Kula Yoga Toronto
Anti-Oppression, Queer Yoga & Facilitating Inclusive Spaces





Curriculum - What You Will Learn

Science of Practice

  • Detailed study of fundamental, intermediate, and restorative yoga postures including modifications of poses and use of props
  • Biomechanical principles of alignment for a safe and sustainable practice
  • Pranayama practice and introduction to the subtle body and chakra systems
  • Physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits of postures
  • Build a supportive home practice
  • Use the tools of Ayurveda to bring more balance to your practice and lifestyle
  • Learn a variety of meditation techniques to bring more presence and awareness to your life

Yoga teacher trainees practice advanced yoga poses and modificationsYoga teacher trainees explore restorative yoga and meditation

Art of Teaching

  • Learn to teach effectively with confidence and compassion
  • Learn to give clear, simple instructions through verbal cues and body language
  • Learn to see and understand a variety of bodies in terms of proper alignment
  • Share your love for yoga from your authentic experience and teach with heart-based themes
  • Understand sequencing strategies for all levels
  • Learn useful strategies for teaching beginners
  • Understand common misalignments, key points of safety, and modifications
  • Practice hands on adjustments and enhancements
  • Demonstrate postures and techniques clearly and effectively
  • Modify the practice for special groups such as prenatal yoga, seniors, teens, and round bodies
  • Teach breathing and pranayama techniques
  • Many opportunities to practice teaching will be given. We aim to create a supportive community throughout the training. You will receive constructive feedback from your teachers and peers to help you refine your teaching skills and feel at ease in front of a class.

Anatomy is taught using skeletons and other teaching propsJesse Enright teaches joint mechanics, focusing on making anatomy fun and relatable

Anatomy and Therapeutics

  • Study Western anatomy and physiology, with an emphasis on experiential anatomy
  • Understand the physical effects of yoga on the body
  • Learn about the anatomy of the breath, and the effect of yoga on the central nervous, endocrine, and immune systems
  • Learn how proper alignment can help avoid injury and decrease chronic pain
  • Introduction to subtle body anatomy: prana, the chakra system, the vayus and nadis

Yogic History, Philosophy, Ethics and Business

  • Learn about the ethics of yoga: Living the yamas and niyamas
  • Historical context of the roots of yoga
  • Study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita
  • Understanding privilege and oppression to create safer spaces for all bodies, genders, and ages
  • Discuss the ethics of teaching yoga and integrity in student-teacher relationship
  • Consider the business of Yoga: how to get started as a teacher and build a student base

Yoga Teacher Trainees deepen their understanding of sequencing towards complex posesTraining includes thoughtful discussions of consent, modifications, and the student-teacher relationship

Get a feel for our program by reading blog posts written by some of our YTT participants


A Letter from One of our Graduates

Dear Leena and Emma,
After our final YTT weekend I wanted to write a note to say “thank you”! My feelings are of deep humility mingled with emerging confidence, and an even deeper respect for the care you’ve taken in organizing the process, the curriculum, the support, and the group.

This training is at the cutting edge of what’s offered, with its strong blend of biomechanics, social justice, science of teaching, philosophy, and interpersonal work. The kinds of work our training has been doing is exactly what many people have been asking for: more rigorous, more critical, more self-reflexive, with greater supports over longer periods of time.

The asana training was exceptional. It’s amazing how much better everyone’s alignment got — and how they can now teach it to others. That was in a year. Amazing. It took me a lot longer in my own practice to get to where you’ve brought everyone in one year together.

The guest teachers were very different from one another, and well chosen because of that. The community of practice you created by having the talking partners, and the team teaching, and the feed-forward practices was very, very valuable to me. As I choked out through my sobs last week, it’s true that in most cases, I interact with people who are just like me. I can’t remember the last time I tried so hard and earned so many rewards with such a diverse group of equals. Amazing. This is something a shorter, intensive training can’t give.

I have, pretty much, nothing but good things to say about the training. I feel really lucky to have been in this group, at this time. I feel ready to take up my seat as teacher, and my own personal practice has really developed over the year as I approach my yoga study more intensely and with added goals. I feel energized and empowered.

Personally, I want to thank you both for being who you are, and owning it. It has been a pleasure to get to spend more time with you this year, and to deepen our conversations about topics we are all interested in. Thank you again. Hugs and namaste! ;-)

-Aimée Morrison, PhD (2014 YTT Graduate)


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