Andy keeps track of all of the little details at QSY – especially when it doesn't occur to anyone else to think of them! As Operations Wizard, Andy loves nothing more than finding/creating solutions (ideally before the problems arise) and communicating simple, clear procedures to the rest of the QSY team so that everything runs like clockwork at the studio. And when it doesn't, Andy is ready to jump in and figuratively disentangle the knots.

Andy first joined QSY as a work-trade in the winter of 2013, mere weeks after moving to Kitchener from Toronto. She was looking to join a community in her new city and quickly felt at home in the studio. Now in formal role at QSY, Andy brings her experience with psychology research, environmental non-profits, and marketing communications consulting to grow the studio.

Community Involvement

When not at her standing desk in the office, you can find Andy on her purple mat in the studio (relishing the experience of someone else doing all of the thinking for her). The rest of the time, Andy can be seen with a laptop and double americano in an indie café, walking/biking around Kitchener, tending to her veggie garden, or curled up at home with a book, her two cats, and tea.

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