Danette has had an engaging and evolving relationship with meditation for over two decades and is grateful to be able to share her passion for the practice of ‘sitting’ as resilience itself as opposed to a necessary stop on the path to resilient living. When facilitating meditation classes, Danette uses focused sensory awareness, breath work, and gentle stretches. She chooses to see the body as a primary teacher and has 200 hours of yoga teacher training with Hart Lazer.

Danette is delighted to come home to Queen Street Yoga, where her love of yoga was first nurtured by incredible teachers, and to share in the power of group meditation where mutual support and vibrant community can be cultivated.

You can follow Danette's blog at www.danetteadams.com.


In her own words

“My interest in meditation began as a way to manage overwhelming stress and to reduce the physical and mental toll the stress was having on me. To my surprise, meditation has become an evolving practice of self-discovery through the joy, agony, bliss, challenge, or even numbness of choosing to sit regularly. To me, ‘sitting’ is the heart-opening, mind-calming, and body-aware practice of resilient people.”


Community Involvement

Danette is a Guidance Counsellor and Grade 10 Teacher at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate in Kitchener, where she walks daily with students, encouraging them to embrace challenge and acknowledge their own resilience on the winding path of lifelong learning. When not at school, she practices yoga and meditation, offers support as a Resilience Coach, reads widely, and blogs on the many aspects of self-responsible living and navigating the bumpy road to making elegant life choices.

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