Emma began practicing yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2010. Emma’s classes are active, playful and encouraging of students to practice in a way that makes deep sense for them. She draws on her background as a performer and a writer to bring a focus of creativity and individual expressiveness to her classes. Emma teaches regular workshops and special event classes at Queen Street Yoga and loves the opportunity to dive into the details of alignment and anatomy with students.

Emma has completed over 500 hours of training with local and international teachers and continues to feed her own practice and zeal for teaching with ongoing study. In the past few years, she has been expanding her movement paradigm by studying the Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation, and Functional Movement. Her teaching aims to empower students with her best understanding of biomechanics and healthy movement while honouring each student's unique experience of embodiment. Emma is a certified Yoga for Round Bodies™ teacher and is passionate about creating body-positive contexts that celebrate a diversity of abilities and sizes. Emma co-directs Queen Street Yoga's 200-hour Teacher Training Program and oversees the mentoring of new teachers.

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In her own words

"Yoga is the way that I create myself new, every day. It is the way that I shape my experience of the world, by remembering myself back into my body and expressing myself out into the world. Yoga is play and prayer, art and science, a deep well of presence. Yoga has been integral for me as an artist, to keep me fed and connected so that I can continually give myself to the creative process. My desire as a teacher is to support students to fuel their inherent creativity through yoga. I believe living is the most creative act, and that yoga can be play and prayer for people to live their most creative lives."

Community Involvement

Emma loves gardening, biking, reading poetry and visiting thrift stores. She has had past lives as an activist, an actor, a novelist and a maker. Emma self-published a short novel several years ago, called Split Light (there is a copy in the QSY community library if you want to read it!). She writes semi-regularly on her blog which is called Thinkerpoet


Listen to or download recordings of Emma's savasana songs on Soundcloud

Photo by Girl Crimson ::: Alt Portraiture

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