Kristina has been practicing yoga since 2009, and completed a 200-hour teacher training at Queen Street Yoga in 2014.  

An ecologist by day, Kristina strives to see the natural connections between things, and finds yoga to be a perfect tool in this effort.  Kristina is constantly amazed by the connections found within the body, and between the body, mind and heart.  She believes one of the greatest things about practicing yoga is that each person’s practice can be adjusted and developed to give them exactly what they need, at any particular moment.  She sees deep value in laughter, and hopes to spread it as much as possible by cultivating a lighthearted and playful yoga practice.  


In her own words

"As someone who has always dabbled in many hobbies, I am no stranger to accepting both the pleasure and disappointment of being a  'Jack of all trades, Master of none.'  I love that the practice of yoga invites a life-long learning process – I may never become a 'master' yogi, but I adore the fact that I can keep learning about it for the rest of my life. My yoga practice has helped me to connect better to myself and to others, and it brings me so much happiness.  I would love to help other students build those feelings of connection and joy within themselves."

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