Lisa is a graduate of QSY’s 2014 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. She began practicing yoga in 2007 to fulfill a New Year’s resolution.  She was drawn to the alignment-based details and heart-centered themes of Anusara yoga and studied for many years under Joann Shraddah Schaner. Lisa’s goal is to bring her life experience and knowledge of alignment to her classes. She uses her gentle humour and genuine encouragement to empower each student to realize their full potential. Lisa radiates a warm-hearted, quiet confidence that creates a welcoming environment for all of her students.

In Her Own Words

"Like many people I initially came to yoga expecting gentle stretching and mild physical activity. What a surprise my first class was!  From the first beautiful Aum through a sweating and shaking class to resting at the end covered by a cozy blanket, I was hooked. After a few weeks not only was I feeling stronger but I started to notice that chronic injuries that had accumulated over a lifetime of living no longer bothered me. My practice of yoga has enabled me to connect to an inner strength and peace that help me to more gracefully navigate life’s challenges (except writing bios!).  Yoga has encouraged me to live life more mindfully and to appreciate and cherish each and every moment."

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