Meaghan Johnson founded of Queen Street Yoga in 2005 based on the principles of community, mindfulness, and joy. After Sevens years as director, she left in order to pursue her dream of becoming a psychotherapist. She finished her BA at Concordia University in Montreal in the spring and was chosen to be the valedictorian for her graduating year. 

You can check out her speech here.

Her undergrad was a great books curriculum at the Liberal Arts College, covering philosophy, literature, and art, as well as the history of science and the history of music. Her honours thesis explored the intersections of faith and trauma through comparing Soren Kierkegaard's text Fear and Trembling with the research of Bessel van der Kolk's as presented in The Body Keeps The Score.

She is currently enrolled in the Couples and Family Therapy Program at the University of Guelph and is pleased to be back in Southern Ontario. Her main passion for teaching is mindfulness in reference to experiencing art and music, as well as the therapeutic effects of embodiment practices for healing trauma.


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