Natalie has been exploring yoga on and off the mat since 2008 and completed her 200-hour teacher training at Queen Street Yoga in 2016. QSY's focus on alignment-based hatha yoga was a solid compliment to Natalie's practice of hatha and restorative yoga, and more recently, her studies with the vibrant and impassioned Tiina Veer, of Yoga for Round BodiesTM. In April 2016, Natalie completed a 2-day intensive with Portland's Street Yoga to offer trauma-informed yoga practices to youth and other underserved populations. In addition to these studies, Natalie's years of work as a community and youth worker have led her to pursue further training and certification in the areas of: trauma-informed counselling; working with queer and trans-identified children, youth, and families; harm reduction; disordered eating; fat-phobia; body acceptance; and anti-oppressive practice.

Natalie strives to facilitate safer spaces for students who may not see themselves represented in mainstream yoga spaces or those who may be questioning whether yoga is really for them. Her approach is gentle and permissive, and she invites students to consider a practice of gratitude and self-compassion.

In her own words...

"As a queer-identified person living in a larger body, I often felt like an anomaly, meeting with little support and at times ridicule for attempting to engage with or maintain a yoga practice. Befriending my body within a culture that tells me I would be healthier, smarter, and more attractive if I manipulated, modified, or otherwise denied my body as it exists, is a radical (if not exhausting) act. Yoga has been an essential part of my self-care. I believe that yoga can be truly transformative and if taught critically and compassionately, can play a significant role in supporting our health and wellbeing. I strive to use a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive framework to create spaces that are more accessible, more inclusive, and ultimately, safer for ALL bodies."

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