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Upcoming courses & events

5 yogis standing in a Parsvakonasana posture with tensor bands.

Stretchhhh (that band) with us tomorrow

with Carin Lowerison     April 23     7:30 – 9pm

Will you choose GREEN or RED? Carin will show you what's up with these seemingly simple but spicy additions to your yoga/movement practice. Beginners welcome!

Strength & Fun with Resistance Bands

Click here to register for this virtual event on Friday, April 23 at 7:30pm
$20+hst | Members join for free on the Events tab in Namastream; no booking needed

There's still time!

The pandemic gave us one good thing: class recordings!!! This means you can easily snag a spot in any of our recently started courses without skipping a beat. Recordings are yours to keep for an entire year

Yoga for Seniors / Mondays at 9:30am with Linda began April 19
Meditation for Resilient Living / Mondays at 7:30pm with Danette began April 19
Prenatal Yoga / Wednesdays at 7:30pm with Julie began April 21

Please email us at for details on how to join these virtual courses.

Let's keep talking

    April 26     7:30 – 8:30pm

We're committed to doing the work of unlearning white supremacist thinking and attitudes, and to continually grow towards becoming more and more anti-racist.

Book your spot in our next virtual book club meeting on Monday, April 26.

We're inviting community members to join us for a monthly anti-racist bookclub (it's free!). Get the details by joining our email list as we continue reading A Mind Spread Out On The Ground by Alicia Elliott. Let's keep each other accountable.

Yoga for the Whole Family is available now

with Leena and Carin

Tidy up (or not!) and make some room for adventuring into Yoga for the Whole Family. With 6 classes under 20 minutes, there's something for kids of all ages from 2 to 12. Join QSY teachers Leena and Carin with their kids to explore animal flows, the 5 elements, partner poses, acro yoga, and even getting the grandparents involved! These classes are active but doable, silly but mindful, and time well spent with your loved ones.

Click here to get this package of on-demand videos.
$25 (incl hst) per family


At the beginning of this horrid pandemic, you extended ten free classes to front line health care workers. I took you up on it and it's been wonderful - so many classes, teachers and times to fit my schedule. I'm still working through the ten. But here is what I really want to say thank you for. YOU MAKE ME FEEL CARED FOR. Which is kind of astonishing since we have never met and I have never been to your studio (old or new studio). It's the emails... and the course offerings, which unlike else at this time, seems to acknowledge that this IS a difficult time, but that we can still work within that, patiently, with self-love.

Here's to Spring coming in more ways than one. You are wonderful. I am very grateful to you all.


We can’t thank QSY enough for what you are doing to provide a sense of certainty in these extremely uncertain times. Your Virtual Yoga Classes have provided us with a continued connection to our community when we need it the most. In the few weeks you have offered Virtual Yoga Classes, you have excelled in providing knowledgeable, hands-on, friendly instruction to all of us. Your professionalism is unparalleled. Thanks to each and every one of you for doing such a good job of keeping us healthy, both in body and mind.

Paul & Paulette Lackenbauer

Thank you for last evening’s prenatal yoga class. The audio and video were great, it really did feel very close to being in a real class. Settling into class last night reminded me that I have been missing my old normal without really realizing it. So thank you for bringing some normalcy (and nurturing) into our homes during these uncertain times, it just felt really good and comforting. Keep well and I’ll look forward to seeing you!


Right now we are all stressed, fragile, as Covid leaves a devastating swath of human suffering in its wake. We need places of healing like never before, and for me and I believe many others, Queen Street Yoga is that place.

Gordon Renwick

I am so grateful that I am still able to practise yoga with the instructors that I know and trust. It helps me to feel grounded, keeps me in the moment, and takes my thoughts away from the turmoil around us. Though I miss the sounds of the creaky wooden floors and the sun coming through the window and into my eyes, nonetheless, this is a marvellous stop gap measure.


I did my first online class with Leslie. It was so wonderful! Like not just “this is nice while in a pandemic” but “this is just so nice, period." The essence of QSY was still 100% there. A lovely chat afterwards and the tech worked seamlessly.

Mike Morrice

I have thoroughly enjoyed my virtual classes. I decide how my day is going and sign up for the evening class that matches my energy level. I have a drop in pass and am thrilled that it can be applied to any of the class offered! I have been able to participate in a larger variety of classes.

Anne Marie Snider

At first I was opposed to the virtualization of yoga classes, as my rigid view— "computer screens should never belong in any yoga practice" dominated. Although I still believe this to some degree, I surprisingly discovered a lot value in virtual rest and renew. Especially for the days when I’m too exhausted to execute a personal practice, not having to commute for the wholehearted presence of a livestream teacher really helps. It felt sweetly luxurious to be guided through a gentle evening practice in my own nest and PJs, breathing with my personally paced metronome, extending savanasa, and then playing a yoga nidra guide before crawling into bed for the best. sleep. ever. There is no pulling out of that calm reverie to worry about bussing home late at night. I can just keep drifting deeper and deeper into rest and this is seriously awesome.


The instructor from Queen Street Yoga was exactly the balm that our team needed during this crazy time. She led our staff through an easy-to-follow yoga class that was perfect for participants of all levels of experience and she made us laugh at the same time. We would recommend a virtual session (or two or three!) from a QSY instructor to any teams making the shift to working from home.

Katie Overmonds, OhmConnect