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About Us

Queen Street Yoga opened its doors in 2005 and has since then become known in Kitchener-Waterloo for its practical, fun, and alignment-based approach to yoga. Our aim is to make the practices of yoga and meditation more inclusive, fun, and relevant to our day-to-day lives. We are a community of teachers and students. We are movement educators and self-care advocates. We are a local business rooted in the KW community.

Queen Street Yoga was founded in 2005 by Meaghan Johnson, based on the principles of community, mindfulness, and joy. After seven years as owner and director of QSY, Meaghan left the studio to pursue her dream of becoming a psychotherapist. She went on to graduate as valedictorian of her class at Concordia University in 2016.

In 2012, Leena Miller Cressman stepped into the role of owner and director of Queen Street Yoga, with Emma Dines as a co-director. Since 2012, Emma and Leena have been expanding the vision of Queen Street Yoga to include an emphasis on inclusivity, body positivity, and queer and trans+ positivity. Under their leadership, QSY was recognized by the Kitchener Downtown Business Association for Community Involvement in 2014. QSY’s Vision Statement (written in 2012) is an expression of the values they hope to bring to the community with their work at the studio. Together, Leena and Emma direct the QSY Yoga Teacher Training programs, which have become known throughout Ontario for their thoughtful and progressive content and their outstanding graduates.

In 2013, Andy Chan joined the Queen Street Yoga management team and has been making herself invaluable ever since. Monica Sheridan and Leslie Stokman have also joined our team as managers, and now as a team of five, the Queen Street Yoga crew is committed to growing the studio’s offering of meditation, yoga, and community.

We are supported by a team of teachers who inspire us with their caring spirit and creative classes. Many of our teachers are parents or grandparents. They work in fields as diverse as theatre, osteopathy, rock climbing, marketing, and chemistry.

The Work Trade Program is at the heart of the community vibe at QSY. Staff at our front desk exchange their time and energy for yoga and meditation classes. This creates a feeling of stewardship and belonging around the studio, with so many people involved in the day-to-day maintenance of the space.