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Class Styles

We don't believe in levels. How do you want to move?

We strive to make the asana (physical posture) part of Yoga practice more accessible to more people. This means we don't teach super-pretzel-like shapes, but do offer adaptive strategies to make common poses and transitions work, and structure our class types based on the way you want to move.

Read below about each of our class types. We hope they give you an idea about where to head if you want to learn the foundations, tune in and flow, or hulk out and get your sweat on.

Informative and upbeat, this class focuses on fundamental poses and simple transitions to help cultivate strength and flexibility. This class maintains an active but moderate pace. Great for beginners and those wanting to review and refine their understanding.

Mood: informative, light-hearted, upbeat

Movement: active, straight-forward and doable, gentle strength-building

Nourishing and calming, Slow Flow focuses on mindful movement and an introspective attitude. This class maintains an active but unrushed pace and is great for those who want to soften their focus on details and simply enjoy moving. Suitable for beginners.

Mood: nourishing, calming, introspective

Movement: both unrushed and active, exploratory, ends with restful poses

For those who want to move actively, build strength and flexibility, and cultivate mindfulness and focus. Class ends with 5 minutes of relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed. Suitable for fit beginners.

Mood: playful, upbeat

Movement: active, powerful, full-body movement

This class will give you new experiences of strength. Join us for an athletic, invigorating, and informative practice. We'll blend yoga postures and flows with both targeted and precise joint mobilization work with the aim of greater physical freedom and ease, and with creative techniques to build strength progressively and help you become more balanced and flexible. Suitable for adventurous beginners.

Mood: invigorating, upbeat, informative

Movement: active, powerful, strong pace, exploratory

For those who want to keep their masks on, Stretch & Restore will take you on a calm journey through mindful movement with gentle yoga. Wind down with gentle stretches and some long restorative poses. Suitable for beginners.

We recommend bringing 2 blankets or towels and a strap from home to make this class ultra comfy. We'll have [sanitized] blocks, chairs and balls for ya.

Mood: nourishing, introspective, calming & settled

Movement: exploratory, unrushed, gentle & restful

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