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Carin Lowerison

The first yoga class that I ever stepped into was a power yoga class at a local gym in the town where I had a summer job during my undergrad. That was in 2001. I had been extremely active and athletic my entire life -- various forms of competitive dance, elite team for gymnastics, hockey, ringuette, track, Taekwondo -- but I stumbled upon that first yoga class during a challenging time of healing in my early adulthood and I was overwhelmed by the contrast of its physical demands mixed with an immense offering of calm and self-nurturing. Looking back, I am extremely grateful to that first class and marvel at the humbling and varied 19-year journey that my study of yoga and mindful movement has brought me. Looking back, I am equally grateful that when my family and I decided to move to Kitchener in 2013, that the studio that immediately welcomed me onto their teaching team was Queen Street Yoga. It really is an incredibly special and unique place. I received my first certification in Anusara-inspired Hatha Yoga in 2007 and pursued Anusara-inspired certification for several years before diverging into other styles of yoga and movement such as modern dance and martial arts in pursuit of a broader base of movement and mindfulness knowledge. To date, I have accumulated over 450 hours of yoga teacher training and continue to cultivate the craft of learning and teaching yoga through ongoing study. My teaching is greatly influenced by the time I've spent learning from QSY's Leena Miller-Cressman and Emma Dines. My teaching is also greatly influenced by my study with teachers Michael Siddall, Cynthia Cooperstone, Scott Petrie, Noah Mazé, Vicki Tarrant, Kathryn Bruni-Young and Cecile Milne.

My classes are playful, energetic, challenging, detailed and creative. I teach with great authenticity, enthusiasm, and care for my students. My classes are often theme-based, heart-centered, and always an adventure. My hope is that when you meet yourself in your practice, it will be a time of insight, creativity, and celebration that will ultimately inform and enrich all aspects of your life off the mat. I am continuously moved by the potential of yoga for teaching empowerment, dignity, grace, and self-awareness.

Other interesting fact: outside of teaching yoga, I am the Co-Founder and Managing Director of a theatre company called Green Light Arts.