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Leslie Stokman

Leslie began to practice Yoga in 2007 and finally had the guts to pursue a 200-hour teacher training right here at Queen Street Yoga in 2015-2016. Yoga reawakened her interest in and enjoyment of movement, including the effortful and easeful, and it sparked an intense curiosity for understanding the inner workings of the mind and body, and the ways in which they are connected, if not inseparably one organism. Yoga has since led her to discover the gifts of Vipassana meditation, TRE, and rock-climbing, which all inform her teaching.

Because she teaches a variety of class types, you'll get something a little different in each of them. Generally, she takes a light-hearted approach with the hope that we don't take ourselves too seriously. That said, she is a strong proponent of a committed, persistent practice that respectfully engages with our own abilities and limits, and the wisdom of the traditions from which we are privileged to learn here in modern-day Canada.

Influenced a great deal by the mentorship of Leena Miller-Cressman and Emma Dines, Leslie has also gleaned some wisdom from the amazing guest teachers we've hosted here: Matthew Remski, Trudy Austin, Kathryn Bruni-Young, and Cecily Milne. That said, some of her most memorable learning moments have emerged from the little chats before and after class, when students were the ones sharing their wisdom with her. Her continuing education has spanned topics like the Tensegrity Repair Series, functional strength and mobility, and deep learning about trauma and the human nervous system, and most recently, Functional Range Conditioning!

Leslie is excited to share the practice of TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) within the community as a Certified TRE Provider, assist with QSY's Yoga Teacher Training program, and co-direct the studio. She is also involved at our local climbing gym, Grand River Rocks.