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Leslie Stokman

Leslie began to practice Yoga in 2007 and finally had the guts to pursue a 200-hour teacher training at Queen Street Yoga in 2015-2016. She initially came to yoga out of curiosity and soon discovered the deep peace of embodiment that the practice offered her. Leslie’s classes include generous detail and imaginative imagery, invite careful attention and steady effort, and offer the chance to play, explore, and notice: what happens if...? Her wish for her students is that they have fun getting to know their bodies and minds and learn to enjoy and take care of them.

Leslie’s most valuable studies have been under QSY teachers Leena and Emma, and she has been inspired by snippets of study with Christi-an Slomka, Matthew Remski, and Trudy Austin, who collectively taught her to respect her limits and to work steadily from a place of self-compassion.

“To me, Yoga is a relief from the static existence of everyday life, like the pleasant wringing out of a soaked cloth. It’s about the presence and pleasure of physical experience. And it’s also the opportunity to tune deeply into my somatic experience in any given moment, be it upside-down in a handstand or surrendering in constructive rest.”

Off the mat, Leslie loves to spend her time moving in lots of ways other than asana: walking, cycling, rock-climbing, and her newest obsession of slack-lining. She also dabbles in creative endeavours, and is proud to be QSY’s artist-in-residence and chalk-artist-extraordinaire. A school teacher by training, she likes finding new and alternative ways to guide and teach others to explore and create.