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Jeff Clarke

When Jeff began practicing yoga in 2008 he believed that he had found some secret key to life and happiness. He began practicing almost every day and decided that he absolutely had to become a yoga teacher, so he headed to Palm Desert CA for Bikram yoga teacher training in 2009. Jeff practiced Bikram exclusively for years before eventually finding the need to branch out. That’s how he found his way to Queen Street Yoga. After practicing and being a work trade at QSY for several years, Jeff completed the QSY yoga teacher training in 2015-16, followed by the first ever Tensegrity teacher training at QSY in 2017. By the time the summer of 2017 rolled around, he had been teaching yoga full-time for 8 years (in a really hot room) and feeling seriously burned out. After taking some time off and doing some soul searching (sleeping), he stumbled into the next phase of his life, which has Jeff teaching yoga part-time and studying at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

Even though he's training for another profession he plans to always teach yoga, as there has been nothing in Jeff's life that has so consistently brought him joy. He loves connecting with the students, forgetting about his life, and having some fun. Whether it's yoga, meditation, dancing, going for long walks, or just rolling around on the floor, learning to experience life in a more embodied, open-hearted way drives much of Jeff's personal practice and life choices. As the saying goes “the toughest journey is from the head to the heart” and that really embodies (pun intended) how he approaches his yoga practice and teaching. At the risk of sounding cliché, the more Jeff practices, the more his physical, spiritual, and emotional journey becomes one of learning to listen to his body and coming to terms with implications of what that means in the broader context of his life.

In Jeff's words: "The foundation that has been laid by the students and teachers over the years at QSY really supports the kind of learning and growth that I want to see in my life. There is something very unique happening in this yoga community, I’m not sure I know exactly what it is, but I’m excited to be a part of it"