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Nadine Quehl

Nadine started practicing yoga in 2005, and took the 200-hour teacher training program at Queen Street Yoga in 2017-2018, and a few months after completing her training, started volunteer teaching yoga at Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener. This experience continues to reinforce her appreciation of yoga’s role in healing and empowerment.

Nadine brings a gentle and energizing presence, and combines elements of meditation, mindful movement and strength training. A focus on alignment and engaging muscles to ensure stability in poses (“strength before length!”), connecting movement with breath, and encouraging students to approach yoga and meditation with attitudes of curiosity, non-judgment and playfulness are important to her.

Prior to discovering the joys of yoga, Nadine took a number of courses in tai chi / qi gong, and she incorporates movements from these practices into her yoga classes. Similarly, she took a number of courses at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in 2016, and she weaves mindfulness meditation techniques into her yoga teaching.

Nadine enjoys spending time reading, hiking, canoeing, singing in a global song choir, and acting.