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Linda Collins

Linda found yoga later in life. Newly retired, in her early sixties, she was looking for an activity that she could do while coping with arthritis. One day at a local Y, she noticed a Chair Yoga class and thought she could manage giving it a try. Linda found the gentle pace soothing and accessible to her, and gradually improved her mobility to the point that she was able to join regular yoga classes and do floor poses. For a few years, her practice was on and off, but whenever Linda came back to yoga, her appreciation for its benefits was always reaffirmed - with her becoming more dedicated to consistent and frequent practice at Queen Street Yoga in 2018.

In 2019, Linda was inspired to become a yoga teacher herself, hoping to share her love for yoga and improvements she had experienced with others. She completed the Queen Street Yoga YTT Program in 2020 and is now passionately instructing older adults in gentle, accessible yoga classes. She is currently working on her Certification in Restorative Yoga. Linda is grateful to her mentors Leena Miller Cressman, Emma Dines, and the other wonderful teachers at QSY for their instruction, support, inspiration, and encouragement!