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Dalveer Kooner

After I took my first class at Queen Street, Yoga became more than a physical practice for me. Yoga became a practice of deep healing. As much as I enjoyed the physical aspects of the practice, I found it nourished my mind and helped me slow down. I have always maintained an active lifestyle from my involvement in martial arts, dance, running and strength training. Having experienced some injuries and pain from strength training, Yoga has helped me strengthen the smaller muscles, serving to prevent future injuries.

I am a lover of functional, mindful movement, working powerfully in my practice while balancing it with gentle restorative work. I aspire to bring others into the present moment through explorative exercises as well as opportunities to build strength while linking movement to breath.

When I'm not on my mat, I am working to become an accredited coach through the Jay Shetty Coaching program. I work in the finance industry as a business process manager and am passionate about personal growth, living intentionally, travelling and anything outdoorsy!

In 2019, I decided to become a yoga teacher and share my passion for yoga with others. I feel blessed to have completed the Queen Street Yoga YTT program in 2020 and am currently working on my Certification in Restorative Yoga. I am thankful to continue sharing this journey within the same space and community that inspired me in the first place.