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Julie Zettel

Julie has been practicing yoga since 2002. Julie began her teaching career in 2008 at QSY, where she instructs Prenatal Yoga. In 2007 Julie received her 200-hour Teaching Training through Yoga Alliance, under the guidance of Hart Lazer. She also completed a Pre and Post Natal Teacher Training in 2006 with Michelle McCormack of 5 Elements Yoga and Pilates.As a mother of 3 coupled with 10 years plus of hands on experience I’ve gained a solid foundation for nurturing and supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth.

In her own words: "Prenatal Yoga and Bellies Inc. Core Confidence Training have played a very influential role in helping me prepare my yoga students for their greatest journey as parents. Through advanced knowledge of the core and pelvic floor I’ve learned to assess common pelvic health issues in pregnancy and postpartum. I offer guidance through simple effective exercises and breath awareness toensure students learn the importance of a healthy strong body in pre and post pregnancy."

Julie teaches gently and promotes spiritual, mental, and physical development for you and your growing baby. You will also experience a deeper connection to your child.