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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Self-Care for the Heart & Mind: Mindfulness Meditation (7 wks for $115)

  • Mon, Feb 4 – Mar 25 6pm – 7pm (Online registration closed, call 519-741-9642 to register)

Using mindfulness practices and guided meditation, this class will help you establish a heart-centered approach to life. Learn different ways of relating to perfectionism, cultivating self-compassion, and reducing stress, and find new perspective on the challenges in your life.

You will discover and rediscover how to:

  • Cultivate awareness of your body and mind
  • Reduce stress and physical discomfort
  • Soften the voice of your “inner critic”
  • Embrace and work through difficult emotions

Beginners and more experienced meditators are all welcome.

Intro to Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Our pre-registered Intro to Yoga courses are great for brand new beginners, those restarting their practice after a long break, and anyone new to practicing alignment-based yoga.

The focus is on standing poses and key principles of alignment to increase strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility. Intro to Yoga classes will build progressively from week to week to empower you to move deeper into your practice in a safe and consistent way. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

Brand-new beginners welcome!

Strong Mamas: Reclaim Your Core (7 wks for $115)

Kris is passionate about helping people regain core strength after childbirth (whether recent or many years ago). Learn functional movements and strength building to tone your whole body so that you are able to support yourself and your kids with ease.

Classes will also incorporate the use of small weights, targeted stretching, and time to relax. This whole-body approach to strengthening will leave you feeling energized and empowered.

This course will build on the foundations learned in Deep Core Recovery after Childbirth, but you're welcome to join it as a stand-alone course if you feel well recovered postpartum. All genders and non-mamas are also welcome.

Prenatal Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Prenatal yoga will leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and more connected to yourself and your baby. Be supported by a community as you learn ways to prepare your body and mind for birth. Through breathing techniques and active and resting yoga poses, you will feel more empowered and comfortable in your pregnant body.

Beginners welcome.

Yoga for Trauma Recovery (7 wks for $115)

With Nicole Brown Faulknor, Registered Psychotherapist (Q).

This unique class is for anyone who is on a path to recovering from physical or emotional trauma. The class aims to give participants tools understand how trauma affects the body, to let go of embodied trauma (trauma stored in the body) through movement. Trauma may seem like a loaded word, but it is something that affects many of us through major losses, accidents, violence, or other major life stresses.

Yoga for Trauma Recovery consists of very gentle movements, simple postures, and breath awareness. These elements of traditional hatha yoga are modified to build a trauma survivor’s sense of empowerment and cultivate a more positive relationship to one's body. The class focuses on internal sensing and reclaiming choice in your body, and is less about form or technique. Absolutely everything in the class is optional, and the practice is beginner-friendly.

Yoga for Trauma Recovery at Queen Street Yoga is a group movement class. While this yoga class is taught by a Registered Psychotherapist, it is not group therapy and classes do not include group discussion. As an adjunctive therapy, it is not intended as a replacement for working with a qualified therapist. Participants are encouraged to seek adjunctive treatment with a therapist to support the process of healing as needed. Sliding-scale spots available for low-income folks, please email to inquire.

Nicole's yoga teaching draws on the methodology of Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). More about TCTSY at Developed at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, TCTSY is an empirically validated, clinical intervention for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The TCTSY program is included in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) database published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in the United States. In addition to yoga, TCTSY has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience.

Nicole Brown Faulknor, creator of Wounds 2 Wings, is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), a yoga teacher, and a Child and Youth Counsellor. She is a member of both the Colleges of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario and the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy. Nicole has over 18 years of professional experience working with marginalized, vulnerable, and oppressed communities, individuals, families, and children. Her approaches as a yoga teacher and a psychotherapist recognize the intimate relationship between the physical body and the psychological well-being of a person. This approach holds the view that the body is a resource for self-discovery and psychological healing. Learn more about Nicole at

Parent & Peanut Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Come practice yoga with your baby in a supportive environment and learn exercises to address and heal common core challenges after childbirth. This is a 7-week, pre-registered course for parents/caretakers and their babies. A great way to get out of the house with your little one and enjoy some gentle exercise to take care of your body and connect with your baby.

Beginners welcome.

Resilient Rest: Deluxe Restorative Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Experience a depth of calm and relaxation that can be difficult to find in our busy lives. Practice ultra-comfy restorative yoga postures that can reset or shift your body's ability to handle stress, and learn how to build a resilient nervous system. This course may be particularly useful for anyone who feels "stressed," whether that looks like trouble sleeping, feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Intro Level 2 (7 wks for $115)

A continuation of our Intro to Yoga course for those who enjoy learning progressively from week to week. Deepen your understanding of the principles of alignment and build your repertoire of poses. Build your strength steadily, discover balance, and learn creative transitions between poses. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

For students who have previously taken Intro to Yoga or have 2+ months of yoga experience.

Intro to Mindfulness (7 wks for $115)

Join with others in the community and learn classic seated mindfulness meditation as well as gentle yoga poses and other mindful movement practices. In this course Amanda will guide you through the basics of meditation from posture through to presence. She will include elements such as storytelling and poetry, answer your questions, and help you find ways to deepen your experience of mindfulness.

The benefits of mindfulness are vast and include: increased happiness and decreased stress, increased vitality in cardiac and immune systems, improved concentration and focus, and emotional development. Meditation is a way for you to cultivate the qualities of heart and mind that will allow you to become more present to your life by developing a more accepting attitude to your ongoing experience.

Beginner and more experienced meditators are welcome.

Yoga for Runners & Athletes (7 wks for $115)

Whether your goal is to be faster, run or cycle longer, or simply be able to enjoy your sport without pain, yoga is for you. Yoga can help you develop flexibility and rebalance your strength. Yoga can also help you increase your mental focus, as well as develop the core and joint strength necessary for injury prevention.

This course will give you several 20-minute post-run/post-workout yoga sequences that you can do after or between training sessions.

Beginners welcome.

Branch Out: Exploring Complex Yoga Poses (7 wks for $115)

Get in touch with your inner nerd and your inner athlete in this 7-week course. We will break down complex poses into their component parts to better understand them. We will dive into key preparatory shapes, actions, and drills to ready us for each part of the challenge. We will build up to more elaborate yoga poses with precisely designed sequences.

Come ready to shift your practice, to try new things, and to laugh and learn together.

This course is for intermediate students with a strong understanding of their own practice. Not suitable for beginners!

Yoga for Dynamic Aging (7 wks for $115)

A progressive series of classes to help you hone your balance, build strength, and gain flexibility. We will focus on foot health, building strength for bone density (specifically hips), core and pelvic floor strength, and improving functional movements like getting up and down from the floor, climbing stairs, carrying things, and walking.

We are all aging every day, so all ages are welcome!All levels and abilities welcome. Please note our studio is on the 3rd floor without an elevator. We apologize for this barrier to accessibility.

You are welcome to make up any missed classes in a drop-in class. Make-up classes expire 1 month following the final date of class.

Drop-in Courses Workshops