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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Yoga for Dynamic Aging (7 wks for $115)

A progressive series of classes to help you hone your balance, build strength, and gain flexibility. We will focus on foot health, building strength for bone density (specifically hips), core and pelvic floor strength, and improving functional movements like getting up and down from the floor, climbing stairs, carrying things, and walking.

We are all aging every day, so all ages are welcome!All levels and abilities welcome. Please note our studio is on the 3rd floor without an elevator. We apologize for this barrier to accessibility.

You are welcome to make up any missed classes in a drop-in class. Make-up classes expire 1 month following the final date of class.

Intro Level 2 (7 wks for $115)

A continuation of our Intro to Yoga course for those who enjoy learning progressively from week to week. Deepen your understanding of the principles of alignment and build your repertoire of poses. Build your strength steadily, discover balance, and learn creative transitions between poses. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

For students who have previously taken Intro to Yoga or have 2+ months of yoga experience.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression (7 wks for $115)

Using simple yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation, and mindfulness, this course aims to help you deepen your mind/body connection. The act of releasing physical tension and moving your body in new ways can help you move through stuck emotions, create new mental patterns, and bring new awareness into your life.

Each week the class will gradually build upon a set of basic yoga postures, appropriate for all levels and abilities. Through the postures, breathing, and meditative exercises, you’ll learn more about your body’s responses to stress. You may discover techniques that help manage mental/emotional patterns and increase groundedness, calmness, and emotional well-being.

Beginners welcome. Bring a notebook and something to write with!

Our classes are intended to be a complement to, but not a replacement for, professional mental health support.

Intro to Mindfulness (7 wks for $115)

Join with others in the community and learn classic seated mindfulness meditation as well as gentle yoga poses and other mindful movement practices. In this course Amanda will guide you through the basics of meditation from posture through to presence. She will include elements such as storytelling and poetry, answer your questions and help you find ways to deepen your experience of mindfulness.

The benefits of mindfulness are vast and include: increased happiness and decreased stress, increased vitality in cardiac and immune systems, improved concentration and focus, and emotional development. Meditation is a way for you to cultivate the qualities of heart and mind that will allow you to become more present to your life by developing a more accepting attitude to your ongoing experience.

Beginner and more experienced meditators are welcome.

Prenatal Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Prenatal yoga will leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and more connected to yourself and your baby. Julie’s gift is creating a supportive community to help you prepare your body and mind for birth, and learn to relieve discomfort and build strength with yoga.

Beginners welcome.

Restoring Mind & Body: Meditation & Restorative Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Refresh your mind and give your body a chance to deeply relax. Each class will include gentle movements to release tension, seated mindfulness meditation, and gentle restorative postures. Restorative yoga postures are comfortable resting positions using bolsters and blankets. With mindfulness and deep breathing, these postures may help your body restore and repair itself.

Beginners and those with an existing meditation practice are welcome.

Intro to Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Our pre-registered Intro to Yoga courses are great for brand new beginners, those restarting their practice after a long break, and anyone new to practicing alignment-based yoga.

The focus is on standing poses and key principles of alignment to increase strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility. Intro to Yoga classes will build progressively from week to week to empower you to move deeper into your practice in a safe and consistent way. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

Brand-new beginners welcome!

Parent & Peanut (7 wks for $115)

Come practice yoga with your baby in a supportive environment. This is a 7-week, pre-registered course for parents/caretakers and their babies. A great way to get out of the house with your little one and enjoy some gentle exercise to take care of your body and connect with your baby.

Please note that drop-in passes are not transferable to this pre-registered course.

Body-Positive Yoga (7 wks for $115)

Join us in a space where all bodies are welcomed, accepted, and celebrated. In a culture where body-shaming and fat-phobia are rampant, Body Positivity is a reclamation of self, an attitude of care, and a practice of courage. Emma teaches from the perspective that all bodies are worthy of love, expression, and taking up space. Enjoy a practice that encourages self-care and will help you build strength inside and out.This class is great for beginners or intermediate students.

Deep Core Recovery after Childbirth (7 wks for $115)

Whether you’re pregnant, recently gave birth, or have had a baby in the last decade, maintaining and regaining core strength can be a challenge. Functional core recovery is not about having six-pack abs, but being able to move with ease and properly support the spine and internal organs.

In this 7-week pre-registered course you will learn key movements that will strengthen your core from the inside out, leading to a stronger, more stable middle. We’ll discuss Diastasis recti (abdominal separation), pelvic floor issues, and how the muscles and connective tissue can be healed. You will also learn which movements to avoid and how to modify a yoga practice to help heal your core.

Beginners welcome.

From Good to Great: Steps to Refine Your Teaching ($60)

You know the areas you want to improve as a yoga teacher, but how do you take steps to get there? How do you integrate new information, teach something new, or step outside your comfort zone? In this workshop we will set tangible goals and discuss self-coaching strategies for you to track your progress over time and begin to thrive as a teacher. You will learn how to create teaching exercises for yourself to grow in the direction you’re interested in, whether you want to teach technically, soulfully, inclusively, or playfully. This workshop will set the stage for your dynamic growth as a teacher, helping you to offer classes that continually re-inspire you and your students. Useful for both new & experienced teachers.

Emma Dines & Leena Miller Cressman have been collaborating for over a decade, and have trained and mentored over 60 yoga teachers together.

Handstands: a 4-wk Journey (4 wks for $65)

Want to try to kicking up into handstand but you're not sure where to start? Or are you curious about how to build the strength and balance to move your handstand further away from the wall? This 4-week course will help you progressively build upper body strength and skills to playfully explore the world upside down.


The Tensegrity Repair Series (7 wks for $115)

The Tensegrity Repair Series is a sequence of movements designed to restore balanced tone and healthy range of motion to the muscle and connective tissue matrix of the body. These movements can help you hone your proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space), improve interoception (your internal sensing of your body), and promote deep relaxation.

This class is ideal for all levels of experience and is especially ideal for those seeking a gentle approach to regain mobility and recover from imbalances due to injuries and overuse.

This class is great for beginners or intermediate students.

Embodied Anatomy & Dynamic Movement: The Spine ($120)

Yoga moves us from head to toe, so let's get to know the supple spine that lives in between. The spine is a structure, a pillar, a support. The spine is an engine, a motor, a driving force. The spine is expressive, subtle, and deep. Dive into the anatomy of the spine, its function in the body, what can go wrong, and how we can maintain spinal health.

Through conversation, pictures, anatomical models, and movement, you will build your knowledge of healthy joint parameters and whole body movement as it applies to teaching yoga. Madeleine will also analyze and review important yoga poses through the lens of spinal mechanics, giving an opportunity to deepen your relationship to poses that are part of your practice and teaching.

Chakra Meditation (7 wks for $115)

In this 7-week meditation course, Amanda will introduce you to the symbolism, imagery, and inner experience of the seven Chakras. These energetic centres are at the core of your body, and their flow of energy can influence your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Amanda will use a gentle approach, combining meditative awareness with guided imagery, movement, sound, symbolism, and discussion. This course will offer basic meditation skills, which can then be enhanced by the framework and practices of the Chakras.

New and experienced meditators are welcome.

Rethinking the Breath: Functional Breathing & Buteyko ($60)

Many yoga teachers were taught to instruct their students to breathe deeply, let out a big sigh, to breathe together as a group, and lead pranayama techniques. These breathing instructions may be doing more harm than good, especially for students with underlying breathing issues such as asthma. This workshop will update your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the breath and introduce you to functional breathing through the lens of the Buteyko technique.

We will discuss how the breath and the nervous system are interwoven, and how "deep" or "full" breathing can be counterproductive to relaxation. We'll deconstruct common yoga breathing cues and discuss the overlap and contradiction between functional breathing and pranayama. You will have the chance to practice teaching drills to help you better serve your students and learn game-changing techniques to enhance and conserve your own energy while you teach, and use your breath more effectively as you speak.

Restorative Immersion: a Retreat in the City ($245 early bird; $275 regular)

November 9 to 11, 2018 (Friday evening 7-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-5pm)

$245+hst early bird until Oct 1; $275+hst thereafter

Given that stress is often cited as the one main causes of disease, many people could greatly benefit from deep relaxation through Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga can help you reduce stress and improve your physical mobility, mental well-being, breath awareness, and quality of sleep.

Our Restorative Yoga Weekend Immersion will help you deepen your practice and understanding of a wide array of Restorative Yoga postures, relaxation and meditative techniques, nervous system function, breath physiology, and energetics. The Immersion will be deeply rejuvenating, with lots of opportunities to practice techniques and to restore your body and mind. It will give you a solid foundation to improve stress management and bring self-care practices into your life.

The weekend immersion is open to anyone; no advanced yoga skills required.

Read all the details on our website.

For yoga teachers and those wanting to share Restorative Yoga with others, there will be additional weekend of training - please contact us to learn more!

Restorative Immersion & Restorative YTT ($500)

This listing is for BOTH the Restorative Immersion on Nov 9 to 11 (Fri 7-9pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm) AS WELL AS the Restorative YTT on Nov 24 to 25 (Sat 12-6pm & Sun 9:30am-2pm).

Deepen your understanding of a wide array of Restorative Yoga postures, relaxation and meditative techniques, physical alignment, nervous system function, breath physiology, and energetics. This will provide you a wide scope of tools to use in your practice. Our holistic approach along with lots of individualized guidance and attention will help you deepen your understanding of the key postures, how to sequence them for the greatest effect, and how to use restorative yoga to assist with common challenges such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, back pain, and menstrual difficulties.

After immersing in the practice of Restorative Yoga on Nov 9 to 11, an additional weekend of training on Nov 24 to 25 will prepare yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and therapists to share this wonderful practice with students and/or clients.

The Yoga Detour Method: Merging Yoga & Functional Movement ($275)

January 12 to 13 (Sat 12-6:30pm & Sun 10am-4:30pm)

Yoga Detour is known for seamlessly bridging the gap between alternative movement modalities and traditional postures. As the creator of this Teacher Training method, Cecily specializes in an integrative approach to yoga asana that blends science with intuition and structure with creativity. During this deep dive into the Detour method, she will explore the four main pillars of this approach:

  • Working from the Centre: spinal mechanics, centration, and core stability
  • Integrating lower body strength and mobility into standing postures
  • Integrating upper body strength and mobility into backbends and arm balances
  • Floor Play: finding mobility from the group up

Cecily will demonstrate how to layer these foundational elements of a Detour-style practice to create an approach to movement and teaching that honours the needs of each student while creating a balanced and informed full-body experience.

Drop-in Courses Workshops