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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Self-Care for the Heart & Mind: Mindfulness Meditation (7 wks for $115)

  • Mon, Feb 4 – Mar 25 6pm – 7pm (Online registration closed, call 519-741-9642 to register)

Using mindfulness practices and guided meditation, this class will help you establish a heart-centered approach to life. Learn different ways of relating to perfectionism, cultivating self-compassion, and reducing stress, and find new perspective on the challenges in your life.

You will discover and rediscover how to:

  • Cultivate awareness of your body and mind
  • Reduce stress and physical discomfort
  • Soften the voice of your “inner critic”
  • Embrace and work through difficult emotions

Beginners and more experienced meditators are all welcome.

Drop-in Courses Workshops