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Learn TRE: Tension/Trauma Release Exercise (4 wks for $95)

The registration deadline for this course has passed.

In this four-week course, you will learn the technique of TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) and get to know your body’s very own tremor mechanism. TRE can help reduce stress and body tension, creating more ease and resilience in our physical, mental, and emotional lives.

The tremors induced by TRE are innate and are called neurogenic tremors, indicating that they stem from and involve your nervous system. Other mammals tremor naturally after stressful or traumatic events, and while it’s more common for young children and birthing mothers to spontaneously shake, many adults have forgotten about or suppressed this intrinsic ability. The technique of TRE is a reliable and safe way to reconnect with ourselves through the tremor mechanism.

The course will focus on developing these self-induced and therapeutic tremors, but also on self-regulation: knowing how much is enough and how to slow things down while remaining present to your experience. Each session will be 90 minutes, which includes time for checking in, reflecting and journaling, learning the exercises, and of course, tremoring.

You can read a little more about TRE in Leslie’s blog post here.

Note: TRE is contraindicated (not appropriate) for you if you are currently pregnant or have had abdominal surgery in the last 3 months

Sliding scale pricing is available for this (or any) course to make it more accessible for people with low income. Please email to inquire.

Drop-in Courses Workshops