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Beyond Flexibility: Mobility for Yogis & Athletes (7 wks for $115)

Take a journey towards greater physical freedom and ease in everyday life, sports, and yoga in this course that goes beyond mere flexibility. If you want to change how your body works, stretching isn't going to cut it - and this is where mobility training comes in. Sessions will include some yoga flow, a little education, but will focus on targeted and precise joint mobilization work that will give you new experiences of strength and change your range of motion.

Many of us come to yoga as a way to connect with our bodies, only to find that the poses can be extremely challenging if you're at all inflexible. We all know that getting the "deepest expression" of a pose is not the point of yoga, but increasing your physical capacities is still a worthy goal towards living better as a human animal.

Sliding scale pricing is available for this (or any) course to make it more accessible for people with low income. Please email to inquire.

About the Teacher: Leslie is passionate about mobility work as a way to increase your range of motion in a strong and sustainable way, having lived in her own body that tends towards density and tightness rather than flexibility. As a graduate of Cecily Milne's Yoga Detour Method, Leslie is a Detour-informed instructor who went on to become an FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist) under the instruction of Dr. Andreo Spina. She is fascinated by the way human bodies work and loves to share this curiosity and enthusiasm with her students.

Drop-in Courses Workshops