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VIRTUAL Yoga & Self-Care for Mental Health (7 wks)

The registration deadline for this course has passed.

This listing is for the Virtual-Only version of this course. An In-Person version is also available.

$115+hst Community Supporter | $85+hst Standard Rate | $45+hst Unemployed / Low-Income Rate

Using simple yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation, and mindfulness, this course aims to help you deepen your mind/body connection. The act of releasing physical tension and moving your body in new ways can help you move through stuck emotions, create new mental patterns, and bring new awareness into your life.

Each week this course will gradually build upon a set of basic yoga postures, appropriate for all levels and abilities. Through the postures, breathing, and meditative exercises, you’ll learn more about your body’s responses to stress. You may discover techniques that help manage mental/emotional patterns and increase groundedness, calmness, and emotional well-being.

Brand-new beginners welcome! Keep a notebook handy and something to write with. Our classes are intended to be a complement to, but not a replacement for, professional mental health support.

Virtual 7-Week Course Overview:

This listing is for the Virtual-Only version of this course. This 7-week course includes 4 Livestream classes alternating with 3 weeks of online videos. All videos (plus recordings of the Livestreams) are yours to keep for a year.

What the Course Includes:

Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7 will be live classes attended virtually. These are interactive classes with opportunities for questions/feedback and connection with your instructor and classmates. Live classes will be recorded and available online afterwards if you are unable to make the class time.

Weeks 2, 4, and 6 will be opportunities for you to practice along with specially created videos to review and build on your knowledge. You can practice these once or several times, and all the videos, including recordings of livestreams, are yours to keep for a year. Additionally, on these weeks Marg will lead a Talking Circle on Zoom to share your reflections and experiences with the group.

Tech Requirements:

A computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection is required to participate. A smartphone or webcam and microphone are recommended in order to interact with the teacher during Livestreams. The online platform is very user-friendly, and two days before your course begins we will provide you with instructions for getting started.

This listing is for the Virtual-Only version of this course. An In-Person version is also available.

Drop-in Courses Workshops