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Drop-in Pre-registered Workshops

Go Deeper - Intermediate Yoga (7 wks for $100)

Ready to deepen your practice, expand your repertoire of postures, and refine your understanding of alignment? This is a great course for you if you feel like you've hit a plateau in drop-in classes and want to cultivate more consistency and delve further into practice. This course will begin at a similar level to an Expanding Flow drop-in class, but we'll build sequentially from week to week to help you gradually progress.

Go Deeper will explore a spectrum of yoga postures from twists to backbends, arm balances, inversions, and forward folds. Every yoga pose is grounded in a pattern of consistent alignment principles, from the simplest pose to the more complex and challenging. This 7-week course will explore how pinnacle poses like 'Bird of Paradise' or 'Handstand' are accessed through the same alignment as more basic poses. More importantly, it is a course that will give you the time and space to find nuance and refinement in your entire practice. Come ready to work hard, play, and try new things!

4+ months yoga practice recommended. Not appropriate for beginners.

Teacher: Carin

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  • Sun, Sep 17 – Nov 5
    7:30pm – 9pm (Registration closed)
Drop-in Pre-registered Workshops