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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Nicole

Deluxe Restorative Yoga: a Day Retreat at QSY ($110)

Have you been moving too fast? Our Restorative Day Retreat is an opportunity for slowing down, deep rejuvenation, and self-care. Restorative yoga is a practice of resting in comfortable, supported poses that can help the body, mind, and breath to calm and relax.

The day retreat will include:

  • long, luxurious restorative yoga practices, including a chakra-centred practice
  • a basic background on how restorative yoga can affect the central nervous system and calm the stress response
  • a healthy catered lunch and the opportunity to connect with others over a shared meal
  • a relaxing sound bath with crystal singing bowls
  • tips and sequences for taking your restorative practice home and on the road to improve self-care and stress management

The day retreat is open to everyone; no prior yoga experience required.

Teacher: Amanda

Embracing Elderhood: a Mini-Retreat at QSY for Women 50+ ($60)

Nurture yourself in a mini-retreat for women 50+, a unique opportunity to learn about Conscious Aging and open to the new possibilities within this time of transition. Join together with your peer community to ponder the questions, "What is an Elder?", "What does it mean to be an Elder within a youth-based culture?" and "How can Elderhood help in these difficult Global times?"

The afternoon will include gentle yoga specifically for older bodies, guided meditation, and connecting in community. Use this special reflection time to constructively change the way you think about aging. Find inspiration to cultivate attitudes and habits that offer more awareness, love, and greater satisfaction going forward.

Amanda Ingall fell in love with the mind/body connection over 30 years ago and has been building and honing her skills in that area ever since. Her love of the physical led her to private practice as an RMT, specializing in Craniosacral, Energy Balancing, and Medical Intuitive treatments. Her love of the mind has been rooted in a mindfulness meditation practice with deep personal practice and gentle instruction for others. She holds a 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certificate from Queen Street Yoga and is a Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner (which studies and facilitates non-ordinary states of consciousness). She recently became a graduate of Anodea Judith's Sacred Center Teacher's Certification program.

When Amanda became a Grandmother it rocked her world in the best way, and she uncovered a new direction for her life's work. She began to envision a group of women coming together for a great initiation: the transition into conscious Elderhood. That vision became Legacy, a program which brings together yoga, meditation, group process, and trance into an empowering and transformational program for women 50+.

Teacher: Nicole

Sunset Rest & Renew: Spring Equinox ($22)

An extra long and luxurious restorative yoga class at sunset to help you transition into the springtime.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Leslie

Integrating Stress & Tension with TRE: a Day Retreat at QSY ($140)

Join Leslie for day to learn and explore TRE: Tension & Trauma Release Exercise. This self-healing practice can help reduce stress and body tension, creating more ease and resilience in our physical, mental, and emotional lives.

The technique of TRE induces bodily shakes or vibrations which are called neurogenic tremors, indicating that they stem from and involve your nervous system. Our day will focus on developing these self-induced and therapeutic tremors, and also on self-regulation: knowing how much is enough and how to slow things down while remaining present to your experience. We will explore a little bit of theory behind TRE, connect over a catered lunch, and finish the day with some restorative yoga.

While many adults have forgotten about or suppressed this intrinsic ability, other mammals tremor quite naturally after stressful or traumatic events, and it is still common for young children and birthing mothers to spontaneously shake. TRE is a reliable and safe way to reconnect with and regulate ourselves.

Note: TRE is contraindicated (not appropriate) for you if you are currently pregnant or have had abdominal surgery in the last three months. Individuals with certain psychiatric conditions will also be outside Leslie's scope of practice as a Certified TRE Provider!

Ritual Flow: Spring Renewal ($30)

Renew your intentions for the year in this special yoga class. Welcome the possibilities of spring with ritual, movement, and community. We will create space for our practice with elements of sound, connection, and intention. This class will include intention setting, ritual, active movement, passive and restorative postures, meditation, and sound healing.

In ritual, we invite the subconscious mind to the surface through intention, action, and meditation. In this space, our thoughts and behaviours can be re-wired and re-written. Come plant a seed for spring and experience the nourishment of ritual.

Teacher: Monica

Members-Only Pop-Up: Tensegrity Flow

This class is for Monthly-Unlimited and Monthly-5 Members only!

The Tensegrity Repair Series is a sequence of movements designed to restore balanced tone and healthy range of motion to the muscle and connective tissue matrix of the body. Play with some of the tensegrity movements, integrated into an exploratory yoga flow. Experience and enjoy Monica's weird and wonderful approach to movement.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Scott

Yoga, Climate & Community: a Day Retreat at QSY

To make this workshop as accessible to as many people as possible, we will offer a sliding scale contribution. Please select the rate that fits your financial situation.$45 - underemployed rate$95 - employed rate$135 - benefactor rate

The world is searching for solutions to the climate crisis, but it is easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless, and hopeless. This day retreat aims to bring people together to feel connected and emboldened in community as we face the climate crisis. We will explore together how yoga and community can be the ground we stand on as we face the climate crisis and pursue the bold changes we want to see. Using a combination of embodied practice, personal reflection, and collective sharing, we will focus on three themes:

Resist: The learning and growth we experience in yoga can inspire us to build a culture of sustainability and care rather than a culture of destruction and waste. Yoga is a call to slow down, to return to the wisdom of our bodies, to nurture a sense of connection.

Restore: Yoga can help us to find what we need within ourselves to take on one of humanity’s greatest challenges, restoring our sense of balance, and helping us to engage the world from a place of centered strength rather than fear and despair.

Re-imagine: In yoga, we focus on our bodies and minds - how we notice and respond to sensation, impulse, thoughts, and feelings in our experience. We will start to shift the focus from our individual bodies to the body of the world and how we can take that learning beyond the studio to develop creative solutions in our communities.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Monica

Seeds of Intention: a Yoga & Nature Retreat ($395 early bird; $450 final)

Guided by Monica Sheridan and Kristina Domsic at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre

$395+hst by April 30$450+hst as of May 1

Payments will be split between QSY for facilitation and Harmony Dawn for accommodation. Click below to make payment 1 of 2 to QSY ($145+hst by Apr 30 or $200+hst as of May 1). We will email you with instructions for making payment 2 of 2 to Harmony Dawn ($250+hst).

Take time to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature for a weekend at the beautiful Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre. Slow down and cultivate the inner space you need to better meet the challenges of everyday life. Explore a mindful connection to nature through the practices of yoga, meditation, and forest therapy. You'll leave the retreat with a variety of nourishing self-care practices to bring into your daily life.

Harmony Dawn is a gorgeous centre situated on the shores of beautiful Rice Lake in Northumberland County. It is surrounded by 50 acres of rolling meadows and healing forest, with many beautiful walking trails. Built with mindfulness to environmental impact, beauty, and sustainable materials, the Centre is entirely self-sustaining with renewable energy. Harmony Dawn was voted one of the greenest buildings in Canada. Because the Centre is off the grid, there is a calm and quiet in the building and surrounding natural area that is deeply rejuvenating. Their vision is to provide an ideal environment for self transformation and renewal as well as giving guests an experience of a greener, more sustainable and attainable future.

Facilities include a cozy gathering space, a beautiful dining room overlooking the woods, a bright practice room facing a meadow, high-efficiency bathrooms, and comfortable dorm-style sleeping quarters. Everyone leaves the Centre raving about the amazing vegetarian food by Nicola Lawrence James, chef and co-founder of Harmony Dawn.

Read all the details on our website.

Drop-in Courses Workshops