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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Nicole

Reiki Restorative ($30)

Ease into the busy season with a luxurious class that will combine restorative yoga with reiki therapy. Reiki is an energetic healing modality that encourages a state of balance, harmony, and self-healing. Nicole will lead the class through a slow and nourishing practice of gentle and supported resting poses, while Natasha will give short reiki treatments to each individual. Experience the deep stillness and relaxation that arises from the combination of these two practices.

No yoga experience necessary; beginners welcome.

Teacher: Leslie

Yoga in the Dark: Fundraiser for CNIB ($30)

Ever tried yoga with a blindfold on? This unique event is meant to temporarily simulate what yoga is like for those affected by vision loss. All proceeds will support CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) programs and services that address the social and emotional needs of people living with sight loss. You'll hear a CNIB client share their personal story with vision loss, then be guided through a blindfolded class by QSY teacher Leslie.

Beginners welcome.

Candlelit Restorative Yoga ($22)

An extra long and luxurious restorative yoga class by candlelight to help you take a break from the busyness of the season.

Beginners welcome!

Revel: a Special New Year's Eve Yoga Class ($30)

Come celebrate the past year and set powerful intentions for the year ahead in this special all-levels yoga flow class. We will embody our intentions as we deepen our experience of familiar poses, clarifying what we want to bring in and foster in the new year. We will play with releasing movements and reflective holds providing space to let go of what no longer serves us. Let us revel in the years passed and the years ahead, together.

Beginners welcome.

Teacher: Amanda

New Year's Eve Chakra Renewal ($30)

This workshop will progress through the seven chakras, clearing and recharging each chakra through yoga postures and sound. Experience guided meditation to help you feel refreshed for the New Year.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Teacher: Amanda

Loving-Kindness & Mindfulness: a Day Retreat at QSY ($110)

Settle into 2020 with a day of quiet, relaxation, and gentle movement.

Ground yourself in the heart-centered approaches of Metta (loving-kindness meditation) and Trataka (Gazing Meditation, which creates a sense of bliss). The day will include beginner-friendly meditation and yoga, walking meditation, a nutritious catered lunch, and restorative yoga. These practices can help you work with perfectionism, cultivate self-compassion, reduce stress, and move into the year with clarity and love.

Beginners welcome!

Drop-in Courses Workshops