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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Nicole

Reiki Restorative: Fall Equinox ($30)

Ease into fall with a luxurious class that will combine restorative yoga with reiki therapy. Reiki is an energetic healing modality that encourages a state of balance, harmony, and self-healing. Nicole will lead the class through a slow and nourishing practice of gentle and supported resting poses, while Natasha will give short reiki treatments to each individual. Experience the deep stillness and relaxation that arises from the combination of these two practices.

No yoga experience necessary; beginners welcome.

Teacher: Jen

Handstand Jam! ($20)

Handstands are more fun with friends! Come explore the world of being upside-down in community. Learn skills and drills to build strength for your handstand, wherever you’re at. Share tips and tricks and help each other with partner work. Excellent for those with a current handstand practice and for adventurous students curious about inversions.

At least 4 months of yoga or similar practice is recommended. Not an appropriate workshop for complete beginners to yoga or for students with major wrist issues or injuries.

Teacher: Amanda

Legacy: the Sacred Journey to Elderhood ($695 early bird; $795 regular)

Do you long to join in a deeper conversation about becoming older?

Do you want to create a life that gets better with age?

If you are a woman entering the later half of life, you may have already begun to recognize what a huge shift is underway. You may find yourself re-examining your life’s priorities and perspectives.

Legacy weaves together powerful and transformative practices, including yoga, meditation, reflection, and discussion, to help you sift through these changing priorities and discover new ways forward. This program offers a safe and nurturing environment to explore the joys and challenges from aging into Elderhood.

This 6-month program is for women and women-identified folks who are 50+. It includes 5 monthly retreats (Sunday afternoons at RiverSound retreat in Fergus) and weekly gatherings at Queen Street Yoga.

Get a taste for the Legacy Program and meet Amanda at the Legacy info session + FREE movement & meditation class on Monday, August 19, at 7:30pm.

Read all of the details on our website!

Teacher: Leslie

Building Fires Retreat ($390 early bird; $450 regular)


Guided by Christopher Bourke and Leslie Stokman at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre from the evening of Friday, Oct 25, to the afternoon of Sunday, Oct 27, 2019.

$390+hst by September 8$450+hst as of September 9

Payments will be split between QSY for facilitation and Harmony Dawn for accommodation. Click below to make payment 1 of 2 to QSY ($150+hst by Sept 8 or $210+hst as of Sept 9). We will email you with instructions for making payment 2 of 2 to Harmony Dawn ($240+hst).

Gather together for a weekend of grounding movement, restful sleeps, nature walks, and reflection. Explore equanimity and refuge within yourself and solidarity in community. Through the practices of yoga, breathwork, and TRE, we will support our bodies' innate capacity to heal the effects of stress, overwhelm, big transitions, and long-held physical tension. Connect to a deep experience of restoration and discover ways to integrate these practices into your daily life. Everything is optional, because sometimes you just need to sleep in, be alone, or spend some time with a good book. Join Chris and Leslie for daily practice on the cushion and the mat, contemplative tea by the fireplace, nourishing meals, and probably a lot of laughing.

Chris Bourke and Leslie Stokman both completed their Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 at Queen Street Yoga. They bring a shared passion for and understanding of the nervous system, therapeutic movement, and trauma-aware teaching. Chris and Leslie combine their professional training and personal practices to access the insight that is revealed through embodied mindfulness and purposeful self-reflection, and carry that wisdom into their daily lives and teachings.

TRE stands for Tension/Trauma Release Exercises and is a mind-body integration and healing modality. TRE elicits innate neurogenic tremors and works with our nervous system to both ease tension in the physical body and better regulate our emotional-physiological state. TRE is a self-help tool that is simple to learn, but offers the opportunity for complex, deep, and life-long transformation. Individuals who are interested in learning more about TRE can get information here or book an individual session with Leslie, a certified TRE Provider, in advance of the retreat.

Harmony Dawn is a beautiful, comfortable retreat centre atop a meadowy hill that overlooks Rice Lake. It is surrounded by 50 acres of rolling meadows and healing forest, with many walking trails. Built with environmental impact and healing energies in mind, Harmony Dawn is entirely self-sustaining with renewable energy and was voted one of the greenest buildings in Canada. Because the Centre is off the grid, there is a calm and quiet to the building and surrounding natural area that is deeply rejuvenating. Owners Nicola and Andy’s vision is to provide an ideal environment for self transformation and renewal, as well as giving guests the experience of a greener, more sustainable and attainable future. Facilities include a cozy gathering space, a beautiful dining room overlooking the woods, a bright practice room, clean high-efficiency bathrooms, comfortable dorm-style sleeping quarters, and delicious vegetarian food by Nicola, chef and co-founder of Harmony Dawn.

Read all the details on our website.

Teacher: Nicole

Candlelit Rest & Renew ($20)

An extra long and luxurious restorative yoga class by candlelight to help you slip into the coziness of autumn.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Marg

Yoga & Mental Health: a Day Retreat ($110)

In yogic philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga constitute a way to end suffering. On this day retreat, Marg will share from yogic tradition, her Masters in Theology: Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, and from her own life experience, about how building a yoga practice can promote healing in body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga poses, breathing, and meditative exercises, you’ll learn more about your body’s responses to stress. You may discover techniques that help manage mental/emotional patterns and increase groundedness, calmness, and emotional well-being.

You will explore:

  • Simple yoga poses to calm, energize, empower, and nurture strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility
  • Meditation practices to deepen a connection to your own inner wisdom
  • How our thinking is part of creating our reality, and how we can affect change
  • How stress affects your body, mind, and nervous system
  • Opportunities for reflection, journaling, and connecting with community

The day will also include an evidence-based talk by Naturopathic Doctor Laura Tummon-Simmons about:

  • How different body systems impact mental health including anxiety, depression, and stress, and why investigating and treating the whole body is so important
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes for optimizing mood on a daily basis
  • The evidence, or lack thereof, behind common natural treatments for depression and anxiety

This day retreat will include a catered lunch and the opportunity to connect with others over a shared meal.

This workshop is intended to be a complement to but not a replacement for professional mental health support. No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Sliding scale pricing is available for this retreat to make it more accessible for people with low income. Please email for details.

Drop-in Courses Workshops