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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Cecily

The Yoga Detour Method: Merging Yoga & Functional Movement ($275)

  • Sat, Jan 12 12pm – 6:30pm (Online registration closed, call 519-741-9642 to register)
  • Sun, Jan 13 10am – 4:30pm (Online registration closed, call 519-741-9642 to register)

January 12 to 13 (Sat 12-6:30pm & Sun 10am-4:30pm)

Yoga Detour is known for seamlessly bridging the gap between alternative movement modalities and traditional postures. As the creator of this Teacher Training method, Cecily specializes in an integrative approach to yoga asana that blends science with intuition and structure with creativity. During this deep dive into the Detour method, she will explore the four main pillars of this approach:

  • Working from the Centre: spinal mechanics, centration, and core stability
  • Integrating lower body strength and mobility into standing postures
  • Integrating upper body strength and mobility into backbends and arm balances
  • Floor Play: finding mobility from the ground up

Cecily will demonstrate how to layer these foundational elements of a Detour-style practice to create an approach to movement and teaching that honours the needs of each student while creating a balanced and informed full-body experience.

Care for Caregivers: Restorative Yoga & Resilience Building ($30)

A workshop for individuals who provide care to others, including family members, first responders, healthcare practitioners, social workers, and others in helping roles.

Learn ways to thrive in the challenges and stresses of providing support, and experience a space to slow down, reflect, and build greater mastery in juggling what you're called to do. This workshop will combine restorative yoga with concrete tools and techniques to be a present & effective support to yourself and others.

Christopher Bourke is a yoga teacher who comes from a background in social services, with over a decade of experience working with youth and adults living with acute, complex, and/or developmental trauma. He weaves together this background as a counsellor, trauma-informed facilitator, and yoga teacher, and shares from his personal experiences of using yoga and mindfulness as self-care techniques to cope with burnout and build resilience for providing support to others.

Teacher: Emma

Yoga, Wine & Chocolate ($45)

Led by Emma Dines and Sommelier Jennifer Selvig.

Yoga, wine, and feelin’ fine! Enjoy an evening of yoga combined with masterful wine and chocolate pairings. A gentle restorative yoga class will prepare you to savour three fine Ontario wines, and the artisanal chocolate will make your savasana sweeter than ever. Self-care never tasted so good.

Must be 19+ to attend.

Teacher: Monica

Valentine's Partner Yoga ($50 per pair)

A creative way to connect with your sweetie and have double the fun in your yoga practice. We will do light-hearted poses redesigned for two and help each other experience deeper stretch and strength.

The price is per pair. Sign up under one name and bring your sweetie!

No prior yoga experience necessary; beginners welcome!

Embodied Anatomy & Dynamic Movement: The Limbs ($195)

March 2 to 3 (Sat 12-6:30pm & Sun 9:30am-2pm)

Yoga practice allows us to expand and integrate body and mind. The poses come from a deep place within and radiate outwards, allowing us to connect. The complex organization of the limbs and spine can be both a biomechanical and a neurological puzzle; when we solve it, we feel whole, strong, and expressive.

Through conversation, pictures, anatomical models, and movement, you will build your knowledge of healthy joint parameters and whole body movement as it applies to teaching yoga. Madeleine will lead an investigation into the anatomy, and neurology of the limbs in relation to the spine and whole body movement. She will offer concrete scientific facts, mixed with imagery to empower you with a deep understanding of the whole body orchestra.

Teacher: Emma

One Size Does Not Fit All: Props & Proportions ($60)

Are yoga props a mystery to you? Do you wonder how to use them effectively or when they are even helpful? With props, one size does not fit all. This workshop will get you thinking about body proportions, different abilities, and how to instruct a class where there are a variety of needs. Learn how to use props for transitions and flows, to add load and build strength, and to empower your students to feel both supported and challenged in their practice. This workshop will be especially useful for those teachers interested in working with beginners or folks in bigger bodies.

Teacher: Leena

Teachers Gathering ($10 donation)

These gatherings are a chance to share food (there will be a snack potluck) and sit in a circle for a discussion on teaching yoga.

100% of donations will go to New Leaf Yoga.

Trauma-Aware Yoga Teaching ($60)

Trauma is a common experience for many people, and while yoga can be a helpful modality for healing, many poses or instructions have the potential to be triggering or re-traumatizing. In this workshop we will work to understand the neurological basis of trauma and why some commonly taught and well-loved yoga and meditation practices can be triggering for some people. Learn a repertoire of teaching skills to create classes that feel emotionally and physically safer.

Rather than approaching trauma-informed teaching as a set of rules or things to avoid, this workshop will help you gain embodied awareness of how you can be present with and hold space for your students and yourself.

Mindful Strength Master Class ($50)

June 7 (7-9pm)

Explore the practice of Mindful Strength, and experience how Kathryn's innovative blend of yoga and strength work can be a healing practice. Kathryn will give a short introductory talk and lead the group through a dynamic practice that will have you exploring strength, balance, and mobility in fun and creative ways. All levels welcome!

Mindful Strength Immersion ($275)

June 8 to 9 (10am-5pm)

In this Immersion you will learn creative and innovative ways to diversify your movement practice. Kathryn will share sustainable and progressive techniques to increase strength (upper and lower body, and core integration), mobility, balance, and functional movement. The Immersion will include studio and outdoor practices (weather permitting). Come ready to move outside the box.

Experiential movement will be woven together with discussion of the key principles of Kathryn’s Mindful Strength approach. Topics covered will include: strength, effective breathing, aging & bone density, joint preparation, tissue adaptation, mobility, biomechanics, recovery, and mindfulness. Sequencing, progression, and class/practice structure will also be outlined, to give participants an idea of how to practice Mindful Strength on their own and how to share it with others.

Open to all levels! This workshop is ideal for practitioners and teachers of all disciplines who are seeking new inspiration that will change the way you look at movement.

Drop-in Courses Workshops