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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Monica

Candlelit Restorative Yoga ($22)

An extra long and luxurious restorative yoga class by candlelight to help you take a break from the busyness of the season.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Emma

Community Care Yoga: a Free Event with Emma & Leslie

Join Emma & Leslie for an evening of simple yoga, meditation, and meaningful conversation over tea. This event is intended to be an offering of community care from Queen Street Yoga, leveraging our privilege to benefit others, by making yoga more accessible. January can be a tough month for mental wellness, and we offer this event as a nurturing place for you to feel cared for and seen, and to try out the joint benefits of yoga and gentle community connection.

This event is free (no registration required), and we hope people from throughout the community will feel welcome to attend. The yoga portion will be beginner-friendly, and the evening will end in a conversation circle. If you've felt nervous to try yoga, this is the perfect event to come to and see how approachable it can be. We would love to see you there -- no registration is required.

Queen Street Yoga is an LGBTQ2S+ positive space. We have an all-gender changeroom and washroom available.

Please note that Queen Street Yoga is on the third floor with no elevator. We apologize for the lack of accessibility.

Low-Back Relief: a Workshop ($30)

Low-back pain can affect any of us, for a wide variety of reasons. Rather than suffering through low-back issues, you can gain tools to mitigate and address the root causes. In this workshop we will look at exercises and simple changes in posture that have proven effective for reducing or eliminating low-back pain.

Learn about:

  • Core muscle support: how to locate, activate, and strengthen these muscles
  • Neutral pelvic position and its benefits
  • Functional movements that can prevent low-back pain
  • Common postural patterns that may cause low-back pain

Stephen Filipowicz has been teaching Pilates since 1999. He trained as a dancer in NYC with Erick Hawkins and performed in Canada with David Earle. He taught Dance and Choreography at the University of Waterloo. Stephen was first introduced to Pilates in the mid 70s. Years later he sought Pilates out for its rehabilitative qualities as he recovered from a knee and back injury. He studied Pilates with Susan Greskevitch and Margot McKinnon in Toronto and Certified through the PhysicalMind Institute. His years of movement training and teaching have honed his skills both as a Teacher and a Teacher Trainer.

Teacher: Nicole

Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Chocolate ($25)

Enjoy a luxurious restorative yoga class, decadent chocolate, and soothing candlelight. Treat yourself to some loving self-care, or invite a friend or sweetheart to come and relax with you.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Monica

Valentine's Partner Yoga ($50 per pair)

A creative way to connect with your sweetie and have double the fun in your yoga practice. We will do light-hearted poses redesigned for two and help each other experience deeper stretch and strength.

The price is per pair. Sign up under one name and bring your sweetie!

No prior yoga experience necessary; beginners welcome!

Teacher: Nicole

Deluxe Restorative Yoga: a Day Retreat at QSY ($110)

Have you been moving too fast? Our Restorative Day Retreat is an opportunity for slowing down, deep rejuvenation, and self-care. Restorative yoga is a practice of resting in comfortable, supported poses that can help the body, mind, and breath to calm and relax.

The day retreat will include:

  • long, luxurious restorative yoga practices, including a chakra-centred practice
  • a basic background on how restorative yoga can affect the central nervous system and calm the stress response
  • a healthy catered lunch and the opportunity to connect with others over a shared meal
  • a relaxing sound bath with crystal singing bowls
  • tips and sequences for taking your restorative practice home and on the road to improve self-care and stress management

The day retreat is open to everyone; no prior yoga experience required.

Drop-in Courses Workshops