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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Nicole

Candlelit Rest & Renew: Spring Equinox ($20)

An extra long and luxurious restorative yoga class by candlelight to help you transition into the spring season with ease.

Beginners welcome!

Teacher: Leslie

Upper-Body Posture: Neck, Shoulder & Wrist Relief ($30)

Ever been told to "stand up straight"? Easier said than done. This workshop will offer you new insight into what "good posture" actually looks and feels like.

Learn ways to feel more ease in your upper body and build supportive strength in your core. If you work at a desk, with your hands, or spend a lot of time driving, this workshop will address those common postural tendencies and show you how to bring more balance and comfort to your body. You'll leave with a handout of key movements and exercises to practice on your own.

Beginners welcome! This workshop is perfect for those who feel stiff or inflexible. No yoga experience required.

Teacher: Emma

One Size Does Not Fit All: Props & Proportions ($60)

Are yoga props a mystery to you? Do you wonder how to use them effectively or when they are even helpful? With props, one size does not fit all. This workshop will get you thinking about body proportions, different abilities, and how to instruct a class where there are a variety of needs. Learn how to use props for transitions and flows, to add load and build strength, and to empower your students to feel both supported and challenged in their practice. This workshop will be especially useful for those teachers interested in working with beginners or folks in bigger bodies.

Teacher: Leena

Teachers Gathering ($10 donation)

These gatherings are a chance to share food (there will be a snack potluck) and sit in a circle for a discussion on teaching yoga.

100% of donations will go to New Leaf Yoga.

Trauma-Aware Yoga Teaching ($60)

Trauma is a common experience for many people, and while yoga can be a helpful modality for healing, many poses or instructions have the potential to be triggering or re-traumatizing. In this workshop we will work to understand the neurological basis of trauma and why some commonly taught and well-loved yoga and meditation practices can be triggering for some people. Learn a repertoire of teaching skills to create classes that feel emotionally and physically safer.

Rather than approaching trauma-informed teaching as a set of rules or things to avoid, this workshop will help you gain embodied awareness of how you can be present with and hold space for your students and yourself.

Teacher: Amanda

Exploring Elderhood: Mini-Retreat for Women 50+ ($45)

Nurture yourself in a mini-retreat for women 50+, a unique opportunity to learn about new possibilities for aging well and claiming your wisdom. The afternoon will include gentle yoga, guided meditation, and community in a beautiful natural setting at RiverSound Retreat. This special time for inner reflection will help you envision what it can be like to grow Elder rather than elderly.

RiverSound Retreat Centre in Fergus offers a unique private location in a yurt by the Grand River. You will feel the energy and intention the moment you enter. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. Yoga props provided.

About the facilitator:

Amanda Ingall fell in love with the mind/body connection over 30 years ago and has been building and honing her skills in that area ever since. Her love of the physical led her to private practice as an RMT specializing in Craniosacral, Energy Balancing, and Medical Intuitive treatments. Her love of the mind has been rooted in a mindfulness meditation practice with deep personal practice and gentle instruction for others. She holds a 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certificate from Queen Street Yoga and is a Certified Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner (which studies and facilitates non-ordinary states of consciousness). She recently became a graduate of Anodea Judith's Sacred Center Teacher's Certification program.

When Amanda became a Grandmother it rocked her world in the best way and she uncovered a new direction for her life's work. She began to envision a group of women coming together for a great initiation: the transition into conscious Elderhood. That vision became Legacy, a program which brings together yoga, meditation, group process, and trance into an empowering and transformational program for women 50+.

Teacher: Monica

Seeds of Intention: a Yoga & Nature Retreat ($390 early bird; $450 final)

Guided by Monica Sheridan and Kristina Domsic at Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre

$390+hst by April 8$450+hst as of April 9

Payments will be split between QSY for facilitation and Harmony Dawn for accommodation. Click below to make payment 1 of 2 to QSY ($150+hst by Apr 8 or $210+hst as of Apr 9). We will email you with instructions for making payment 2 of 2 to Harmony Dawn ($240+hst).

Take time to unplug and reconnect with yourself and nature for a weekend at the beautiful Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre. Slow down and cultivate the inner space you need to better meet the challenges of everyday life. Explore a mindful connection to nature through the practices of yoga, meditation, and forest therapy. You'll leave the retreat with a variety of nourishing self-care practices to bring into your daily life.

Harmony Dawn is a gorgeous centre situated on the shores of beautiful Rice Lake in Northumberland County. It is surrounded by 50 acres of rolling meadows and healing forest, with many beautiful walking trails. Built with mindfulness to environmental impact, beauty, and sustainable materials, the Centre is entirely self-sustaining with renewable energy. Harmony Dawn was voted one of the greenest buildings in Canada. Because the Centre is off the grid, there is a calm and quiet in the building and surrounding natural area that is deeply rejuvenating. Their vision is to provide an ideal environment for self transformation and renewal as well as giving guests an experience of a greener, more sustainable and attainable future.

Facilities include a cozy gathering space, a beautiful dining room overlooking the woods, a bright practice room facing a meadow, high-efficiency bathrooms, and comfortable dorm-style sleeping quarters. Everyone leaves the Centre raving about the amazing vegetarian food by Nicola Lawrence James, chef and co-founder of Harmony Dawn.

Read all the details on our website.

Mindful Strength Master Class ($50)

June 7 (7-9pm)

Explore the practice of Mindful Strength, and experience how Kathryn's innovative blend of yoga and strength work can be a healing practice. Kathryn will give a short introductory talk and lead the group through a dynamic practice that will have you exploring strength, balance, and mobility in fun and creative ways. All levels welcome!

Mindful Strength Immersion ($275)

June 8 to 9 (10am-5pm)

In this Immersion you will learn creative and innovative ways to diversify your movement practice. Kathryn will share sustainable and progressive techniques to increase strength (upper and lower body, and core integration), mobility, balance, and functional movement. The Immersion will include studio and outdoor practices (weather permitting). Come ready to move outside the box.

Experiential movement will be woven together with discussion of the key principles of Kathryn’s Mindful Strength approach. Topics covered will include: strength, effective breathing, aging & bone density, joint preparation, tissue adaptation, mobility, biomechanics, recovery, and mindfulness. Sequencing, progression, and class/practice structure will also be outlined, to give participants an idea of how to practice Mindful Strength on their own and how to share it with others.

Open to all levels! This workshop is ideal for practitioners and teachers of all disciplines who are seeking new inspiration that will change the way you look at movement.

Drop-in Courses Workshops