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Drop-in Courses Workshops

Teacher: Madeleine

Embodied Anatomy & Dynamic Movement: The Limbs ($195)

The registration deadline for this course has passed.

March 2 to 3 (Sat 12-6:30pm & Sun 9:30am-2pm)

Yoga practice allows us to expand and integrate body and mind. The poses come from a deep place within and radiate outwards, allowing us to connect. The complex organization of the limbs and spine can be both a biomechanical and a neurological puzzle; when we solve it, we feel whole, strong, and expressive.

Through conversation, pictures, anatomical models, and movement, you will build your knowledge of healthy joint parameters and whole body movement as it applies to teaching yoga. Madeleine will lead an investigation into the anatomy, and neurology of the limbs in relation to the spine and whole body movement. She will offer concrete scientific facts, mixed with imagery to empower you with a deep understanding of the whole body orchestra.

Drop-in Courses Workshops