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November Challenge: 30 Days of Practice ($30)

The registration deadline for this course has passed.

30 Days of Practice is a routine reset, a commitment to showing up for yourself, and a community of enthusiastic folks who want to support one another. Each day, you’ll receive a 15- to 30-minute practice video guided by one of our all-star teachers. Welcoming to beginners, but spicy enough for seasoned practitioners, every session is unique. The arc of the 30 days includes a well-rounded variety of practices including energizing flows, strength building, restorative yoga, and mindfulness.

This November, when the days turn cold and dark, we invite you to dig deep and reach out for the self-care and community connection that keeps you feeling grounded and enlivened. You're invited to connect with our teachers and fellow participants in two live group calls as well as daily accountability chats in our community Facebook group.

Join from the comfort of your home, practice any time of day, and access this supportive journey to consistency for just $30. Runs from November 1 to 30. Come along!

Tech Requirements:

A computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection is required to participate. The online platform is very user-friendly, and shortly before the Challenge begins we will provide you with instructions for getting started.

Drop-in Courses Workshops