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IN-PERSON Solstice Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga ($25)

This sweet and soothing class will combine comfortable restorative yoga poses with the deep calm of crystal singing bowls. Restorative yoga uses cushiony props (like blankets and bolsters) to support your body in relaxing poses. The singing bowls can help lull you into a deeper brain wave state where the body-mind-spirit can come into balance.

Beginners welcome!

Our In-Person classes follow strict physical distancing and cleaning protocols. We have a very large, well-ventilated room, and we are limiting class sizes to provide more than 3 metres between each mat. In the event of COVID-19 restrictions or necessary closures to our physical location, we will deliver the event virtually only. No refunds will be given for In-Person events that must switch to Virtual-Only Events.

Drop-in Courses Workshops