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Community Support

Giving & Receiving with Grace

The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying restrictions mandated by our government have both highlighted existing and created new disparities of financial wellbeing.

Our community is made up of members from both ends of this spectrum and everything in between: those who are securely employed and able to work from home, essential workers of all kinds, students, folks who are now receiving the CERB or EI, some who were already on ODSP or CPP, and individuals who don't fall into any of those categories.

Yoga is not just for those with the most financial means. If you've ever looked into our values, you know that community care is central to our mission.

What We Do to Reach More People

Essential Workers of ALL Kinds: Please Take a FREE 10-Class Pass

Click HERE to Get Yours
  • Continuing to offer sliding scale pricing for all of our virtual courses, but now at three levels: $45 for low-income/unemployed folks, $85 as the standard rate, and $115 for community supporters.
  • Providing sliding scale pricing for our virtual unlimited memberships at three levels: $35 for low-income/unemployed folks, $55 as the standard rate, and $95 for community supporters.
  • Giving a free 10-Class Pass gift to essential workers in Waterloo Region. Is that you? Click here.
  • Reducing pricing for all our virtual class passes.

What Can You Do to Support?

Contribute to the Community Support Fund

Click HERE to Contribute

If you feel good about practicing yoga with a community that takes the practice OFF the mat and into the world, and have the means and desire to help us continue our efforts to make our offerings more financially accessible, you can do that in a few ways.

The Community Support Fund was set up in response to some of our members asking if they can pay extra or donate classes for other people to use. We have created three options:

  • $20 - helps us offer a free trial week
  • $50 - helps us offer a subsidized course

Other things you can do:

  • Pay the community supporter rate when you take a course with us.
  • Pay the community supporter rate when you sign up for a virtual unlimited membership.
  • Buy a gift card for a friend, family member, or colleague.
  • Buy your class passes at the regular (non-reduced) rates: these can be used in virtual classes and in person once it's safe to gather again.
  • SPREAD THE WORD about what we're doing: email your pals, share our stuff on social media, sing about us from your balcony!

Gift cards can be purchased - and redeemed - online!