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Friday, April 23 7:30-9:00pm // $20 // Register here.

Join Carin to explore creative ways to add strength and variety to your yoga/movement practice using resistance bands.

Note: members, you can join for free via the Events tab inside Namastream.

Ongoing Series:


Tidy up (or not!) and make some room for adventuring into Yoga for the Whole Family. With 6 classes under 20 minutes, there’s something for kids of all ages from 2 to 12. Join QSY teachers Leena and Carin with their kids to explore animal flows, the 5 elements, partner poses, acro yoga, and even getting the grandparents involved! These classes are active but doable, silly but mindful, and time well spent with your loved ones.

  • Available starting February 12
    Get access right here.


Seven videos for the whole family:

  • Buddy Yoga - a yoga practice for pairs
  • Cheerful Chaos - best for including toddlers
  • Acro Yoga - best for kids all ages who love a good airplane ride
  • Big Kid Flow - all ages
  • 5 Elements Journey - all ages
  • Space Expedition - all ages
  • Animal Movements & Kid Salutations - all ages


A Free Care Package available Dec 11. 4 practice videos, each 30 minutes or less.

In times of prolonged stress and uncertainty, we all need tools to help us skillfully navigate difficulty and find a sustainable way to keep going. Yoga for Stress Relief is a care package for your body, mind and nervous system that can help you respond wisely to the different ways that stress impacts your whole being.

Large sources of chronic stress (like the pandemic and its resulting social and economic consequences) can challenge your resilience and ability to bounce back from the roadbumps of everyday life. Whether you notice a tendency towards checking out, shutting down, over-thinking or lashing out, it’s totally normal to be struggling right now - and, there are ways to lend yourself a helping hand.

Drawing on the wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda as well as contemporary science, the practices we’re offering are simple tools that will empower you to deepen your relationship with yourself through self-compassionate awareness and action. Discover the inner resources you already have, with a little guidance from our caring teachers. We’re sharing this with you for free because we also struggle, but when we take care of our community, we also take care of ourselves.


This care package for your whole being contains four practice videos, about 25 minutes each, specially designed to help you move through challenging or overwhelming states:

  • Check In & Breathe with Nicole Brown Faulknor is for gently greeting yourself with a curious and welcoming attitude. Make space to begin noticing what you’re experiencing, and empower yourself to make choices that feel nourishing to you.
  • Coax & Enliven with Marg Hull can be helpful times when you just can’t get going, and feel stuck in a low-energy slump. Start small, and slowly build towards a little bit of activity as a way to brighten up, and move forwards with your day.
  • Ground & Contain with Leena Miller Cressman is designed for those moments when you feel scattered, overwhelmed and full of anxious energy. Land softly back into your body through self-touch, soothing movement, and eventually calming restful poses.
  • Simmer Down & Centre with Leslie Stokman can be used in circumstances where you feel all fired up with nowhere and no one to battle it out against. Actively discharge some of that frustration, and move towards a more centered and clear space.

Past Events & Series:


March 1 - 30 // $30, or FREE for Virtual Unlimited Members

30 Days of Practice is a routine reset, a commitment to showing up for yourself, and a community of enthusiastic folks who want to support one another. This March, we invite you to dig deep and reach out for the self-care and community connection that keeps you feeling grounded and enlivened. Join from the comfort of your home, practice any time of day, and access this supportive journey to consistency for just $30.

Every day you'll get a new video that's 15-30 minutes long, learning from 13 of our teachers, and trying a well-rounded variety of practices. This month will leave you feeling enlivened, rejuvenated and balanced.

Learn more on our event page or head straight to sign up.


Sunday, Feb 21, 7:30-9:00pm // $20, or FREE for Virtual Unlimited Members

with Leslie Stokman

The Tensegrity Repair Series is a sequence of 20 gentle movements designed to restore balanced tone and healthy range of motion to the muscle and connective tissue matrix of the body. These movements can help you hone your proprioception (your sense of where your body is in space), improve interoception (your internal sensing of your body), and promote deep relaxation. This workshop is ideal for all levels of experience. All exercises are done on the floor, and the practice is especially accessible for those with mobility restrictions or injuries as a way to explore movement. Beginners welcome.

Register here - please sign up in advance.
You will receive a Zoom link 20 minutes prior to the event start time.


Feb 14 - 20 // FREE to attend

Join our entire team of teachers for their regularly scheduled drop-in classes. Get to know us better, and treat yourself to movement, mindfulness, interconnection and presence. This is a low-pressure way to try things out and see what you like. You can learn about our class types here, and prep for home practice with this guide.

While you can attend for free, registration is required. Reserve your spots in class here.

The above link will show a one-week view, so be sure to scroll to the next week to see all the classes available. After registering, you'll receive an email with a link to attend about 20 minutes before we begin.


40 hours over 3 modules of continuing education for Yoga teachers and those in caring professions.

Head over to this page to read about the Virtual Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.


Sunday, February 14, 7:30-9:00pm // FREE to attend

Join Sara and Nadine for simple movement, self-massage, and meaningful conversation over tea as a way to connect socially and through practice. All are welcome!

This virtual event is intended to be an offering of community care, making yoga more accessible. This long, isolated winter is a tough one for mental wellness, so we hope this event is a nurturing place for you to feel cared for and seen, and to try out the joint benefits of yoga and gentle community connection.

To participate, you will need internet connection and a computer or tablet.

This is a free event, but please register here.
You'll receive an email with a link to attend about 20 minutes before we begin.


Saturday, February 13, 7:30-9:00pm // $30 per duo

Facilitated by Monica and her non-yoga-teaching partner, Jeff :)

Have double the fun in your yoga practice with this creative way to connect with your sweetie, or anyone in your bubble. We will do light-hearted poses redesigned for two, and help each other experience stretches, balance, and relaxation. No prior yoga experience necessary, beginners welcome!

Register here.
You'll receive an email with a link to attend about 20 minutes before we begin.


January 3-31. 20 practice videos, 4 per week, each under 30 minutes.

Gentle January is an invitation to begin or deepen your experience with meditation and gentle yoga. It is a soft path to follow, upon which you can start small, go slow, and be excessively gentle with yourself.

The trend is to blaze into the New Year, full of ambition. We set resolutions to change our bodies or become a better version of ourselves. But how often do we fall short of those expectations, fizzle out, and just feel crappy about it all? For 2021, do something different: embrace yourself as you are, practice with an attitude of kindness, and connect with a community of support.

Each Sunday in January, you’ll receive four new practice videos that coax your body, mind, and nervous system into a friendlier and more easeful space. Teachers will lead a variety of practices based on their training and personal experience with gentle and Restorative Yoga, the Tensegrity Repair Series, meditation, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, breathwork, Qi Gong, and crystal singing bowls.

All videos are 30 minutes or less and yours to access until Feb 14th, so you can go at your own pace. You’ll be supported throughout the month-long journey with weekly check-in emails, an engaging community facebook group, and two live streamed group calls where we’ll practice together.

Join us on this journey of self-care and community connection.

  • Registration here - Virtual Only
    $45 Standard Rate / $30 Low-Income Subsidized Rate