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Registered Massage Therapy

You can book your appointment using our online system. Or, contact the therapist directly by phone or email (contact information below).

  • 30 minutes for $55: a good amount of time to focus on one specific area 
  • 45 minutes for $70: great for an in-depth focus on one specific area 
  • 60 minutes for $85: either a full-body relaxation massage or an in-depth focus on one half of the body 
  • 90 minutes for $125: a deluxe treatment that can address the full body 
  • 3-Treatment Package: $235 for three 60-min treatments ($20 in savings)

The health history form is available to download if you'd like to save time before your first treatment. Or, you may arrive ten minutes early for your first treatment. Please note, if you wish to claim RMT treatments for your health insurance, some policies require a physician referral. 

About our Massage Therapist

Jessica Smith, RMT