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New to our studio?

Welcome! Our friendly staff are excited to show you around our studio. We'll help you find the classes that will fit you best. We specialize in making yoga accessible and inclusive (look for the beginner-friendly green star).  If you're new to yoga or it's been a while, our popular 7-Week Intro to Yoga Course is the best way to build a solid foundation for your practice. Another easy and affordable way to check us out is with our Trial Membership

New to Yoga?

Our Intro to Yoga courses are designed to ensure you learn the basics. These classes are great for brand-new beginners, those re-starting their practice after a long break, and also for anyone new to practicing alignment-based yoga. The focus is on standing poses and key principles of alignment to increase strength, balance, stamina, and flexibility. Intro to Yoga classes will build progressively from week to week to empower new students to move deeper into their practice in a safe and consistent way. Classes also incorporate breathing techniques and restorative poses to release tension and reduce stress.

Intro to Yoga classes are 75 minutes and run for 7 weeks. We have new Intro to Yoga classes starting every month (with reduced course times in July-August).

See upcoming session dates in our online store. Please register in advance; our Intro to Yoga courses often sell out.

Our Yoga for Round Bodies course offers clear and thoughtful modifications of poses for students with round bodies, making more of the poses and sequences of yoga accessible and doable. These classes are great for beginners or intermediate students and are aimed at creating a comfortable environment in which to build strength, flexibility, and balance specifically with the round body in mind. This class is not about weight loss, but about honouring our bodies and creating an environment where all bodies can do all poses. Focus will be on standing poses and key principles of alignment. Classes will build progressively from week to week.

Yoga for Round Bodies classes are 75 minutes and run for 7 weeks. We have new courses beginning every other month.

See upcoming session dates in our online store. Please register in advance; this course often sells out.

Some people have asked why we don't have a Yoga for Round Bodies drop-in class. We don't think that there are enough folks who would regularly come to a drop-in class to sustain it. We offer it as a course to ensure that we have enough people who can commit to coming. If drop-in classes work better for your schedule, consider trying out our Basics or Slow Flow classes, which are taught at a similar level to the Yoga for Round Bodies course. Emma and Monica teach Basics and Slow Flow and have plenty of experience teaching differently sized bodies. If you enjoy the specific atmosphere of our Yoga for Round Bodies course, we encourage you to take the course continuously. The course will support your practice in an ongoing way.

Basics, Rest & Renew, Slow Flow, Hour Flow (for fit beginners), or any $5 class.

The green star icon on our schedule denotes "beginner-friendly". 

Drop-in Classes: Come when it suits your schedule; no need to sign up in advance. We have a big studio and there will be space for you. Check out our flexible drop-in class passes.

Pre-Registered Courses: Sign up for a 7-week session of classes with a specific focus, with the same teacher at the same time each week. You cannot drop in to courses and you cannot use drop-in passes to pay for Pre-Registered Courses. Please register in advance.

Workshops: Sign up for a one-time event to help you explore new topics and broaden your understanding. Please register in advance.

  • Refrain from eating a heavy meal two hours before practicing.
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to prepare for class.
  • Remove your shoes on the 2nd floor to keep the studio clean for everyone.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing (we have two changerooms and a unisex bathroom).
  • Remember to turn off any mobile devices in order to cultivate a calm and peaceful space.
  • If you don't have your own mat, you may rent one of ours for $1 (please sanitize the mat with the spray provided after class).
  • Inform your teacher if you are working with any limitations or injuries to ensure you have a safe and healing practice.
  • If you are late, wait until after the centering "Aum" has finished before entering to room.
  • Stay for the entire class, and if you need to leave early, please inform the teacher before the class begins.
  • Ask questions if anything is unclear, either during an appropriate time in class, or after class has ended.
  • Be kind to yourself and don’t push beyond your boundaries: modify your alignment in every pose to reflect your present flexibility.
  • Avoid the temptation to compare yourself with others in the room; yoga is a personal progression, not a competition.

Getting Here & Getting in Touch

44 Queen St S, Kitchener, Ontario 


We are located in downtown Kitchener on Queen Street between Charles and King, just down from the Walper Hotel.

See all our Contact Info here

Please note that our space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible as we are on the third floor of our building, with no elevator. Those who have difficulty climbing stairs may also not be able to access our space. We apologize for this lack of accessibility.

2 hours of FREE street parking is available on King Street and on Joseph Street.

The following Green P surface parking lots are FREE after 5pm, $2.25/hr Mondays-Saturdays, and FREE all day Sundays:

  • Queen St S lot at Charles (5 Charles St E)
  • Ontario St S lot at Hall's Lane (40 Ontario St S)
  • Queen St N lot at Goudie's Lane (15 Queen St N)

Charles & Benton parking garage (just around the corner from the studio) Take a ticket upon entering the garage, then ask us for a parking voucher. Use both the ticket and the voucher at the garage's pay station before exiting to get up to 2 hours FREE (as supplies last).

On Saturdays the first 2 hours in the garage are always free, and on Sundays all city-owned parking is free in downtown Kitchener.

The special parking passes are provided to us by the downtown Kitchener business association. They are only available for the Charles-Benton garage, and sometimes we run out of vouchers.

Without a parking voucher, fees at the garage are: weekdays $3.25 for the first 2 hours, Saturdays first 2 hours FREE, and Sundays FREE all day.

  • Queen Street Yoga is a Scent-Free Environment. Please refrain from wearing or applying any scented products including hand cream, deodorant, natural scents, body spray, and scented lip balm. This is a health issue, not a preference -- several of our teachers and students have severe allergic reactions to scents.
  • If you think you might be pregnant, be sure to let the teacher know how far along you are. Even in the first trimester there are key modifications we would like to give you to keep you safe and comfortable.
  • Do not leave valuables in the changerooms. QSY is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Bring wallets, cell phones, and keys into the practice rooms and leave them in the cubbies under the windows.
  • In all classes, place an Adjustment Card at the front of your mat. Flip it to “Yes” if you are comfortable with being touched/adjusted by the teacher. Flip it to “No” if you would prefer not to be touched by the teacher.
  • If you are late to a class, wait until the centering/opening is over and the class has sung “Om” to enter the room.
  • If you rent a mat, please place $1 in the basket on the prop shelf or window ledge. Clean the mat after class with the provided mat spray and towel and place your mat back on the prop shelf.
  • QSY is welcoming of people of all genders and sexual orientations. Our all-gender bathroom can double as a all-gender changeroom, as it has a lock on the main door. Individuals who choose to use this as a changeroom can place their belongings in the cubbies in the practice rooms. Read more about our initiatives for inclusion here.
  • QSY is welcoming of all body sizes. We strive to be a body-positive space that welcomes a diversity of sizes and abilities into our classes.
  • Inversions at QSY: We choose not to teach full Headstand and full Shoulderstand (where weight is placed on the head and neck) due to safety concerns for the spine. We ask that students do not practice these poses before, after, or during public classes for the safety of all QSY members. Read more about why we have this policy on our blog here.
  • Most classes will begin with the sound of Om (Aum) and end with Namaste. We welcome your participation in these traditional gestures, but appreciate that for the reasons of faith or personal preference you may choose not to participate. The sound of Aum is said to resonate with all of creation. Aum connects us to all that is around us, including each other. Creating this sound also aides in the opening of the nasal passageways and deepening the breath. Namaste is a salutation that means "the awareness within me honours and recognizes that same awareness within you."


I had such a blast in your classes this past spring. You helped me see that I have more capability than I thought I did...and now to keep working on changing my attitude of myself so that I can see that possibility is limitless!


Thanks for teaching me yoga that stretches my body, mind, and soul. And for inspiring me to explore and to be content with where I am in the exploration.


 Thanks for a great class. I feel like I've come really far with "reclaiming" my body since I started yoga, and the studio is such a positive space.