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Outdoor Yoga

As of June 12, Ontario’s Phase 2 guidelines allows outdoor recreation where physical distancing can be maintained in groups of 10. Starting June 15 we will be offering physically distanced Outdoor Yoga Classes in a large backyard in the Stanley Park neighbourhood of Kitchener (address and directions will be emailed to you no later than 60 minutes before class starts).

These classes will only be available for a fee of $15 [Standard Rate] or $25 [Community Supporter Rate] per class. No other pass or membership can be used for these classes. Your support for these special outdoor classes can help us stay afloat until we are allowed to reopen.

Sign up for Outdoor Yoga Classes

$15-$25 per spot

Details about Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor classes are available for $15 (Standard Rate) or $25 (Community Supporter Rate) paid in advance. No other passes or memberships can be used for our Outdoor Classes.

You must sign up and pay for your outdoor spot 2 hours in advance. Click here.

We will maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from one another at all times. The backyard is spacious, but we request that everyone take this seriously and respect each other's space. Hand sanitizer is available if you end up needing to touch stuff.

60 minutes before the class time, you’ll receive an email confirming that the weather looks good and the class is on. If class is cancelled due to inclement weather, you’ll receive a credit for a future Outdoor Class (no refunds).

The classes will be held in a private backyard in the Stanley Park neighbourhood (near Ottawa/River Road). You’ll receive the address, directions and parking info in your email 60-minutes prior to the class time.

You must bring your own mat and props. Props will be simple things like a towel, and you’ll receive a list of items to bring in the email 60-minutes prior to class. We will be providing sanitized folding chairs for you to use.

There is some shade available, but some folks may be in the sun. Please bring your own sunscreen and/or sun hat. So far, bugs have been minimal in the evening classes, but there is some bug spray to share. Feel free to bring your own.