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Retail & Props

During the mandated shutdowns, our retail section is operating with secure, no-contact pick-up. Please send us an email using to place an order. We are accepting payment via e-transfer. Explore our goods on offer with the drop-down menus below. HST will be added to all prices.

B-Mat Traveller $56
B-Mat Everyday $82
B-Mat Everyday Long $90
B-Mat Strong $94

Halfmoon Studio Mat $35
Halfmoon Studio Mat Large $45

Strap - Studio (Halfmoon)$15
Strap - Loop (Halfmoon)$22

Block (Foam)$17
Block (Chip Foam)$16.00
B Block 3" $18.00
B Block 4" $22.00
Block Cover (Halfmoon)$18
Block Cover (handmade)$12

Acuball (mini) $20
Acuball (regular) $30
Acuball PAIR: regular + mini $45

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls (set of 2) $20
Yoga Tune Up Alpha Ball $20
Yoga Tune Up SMALL SET: Alpha + Thera. balls $35

Inflated Ball (Blue Plyo Ball)$10

Meditation Cushion (solid) $68
Meditation Cushion (pattern) $88

Bolster (solid colour) $85
Bolster (long) $95
Bolster (patterned or linen) $105

Mat Carry Strap (Halfmoon) $18
Mat Carry Strap (B Strap) $45

Mat Bag (Halfmoon) $45
Mat Bag - zippered (Halfmoon) $58
Mat Bag - crochet (fundraiser) $15
Mat Bag - fabric (fundraiser) $32

QSY Tote Bag $19.50

T-shirt or Tank $28
Silk Scarf (Halfmoon) $48

Sleep Mask (silk) $39
Eye Pillow (cotton) $22
Eye Pillow (silk) $28
Eye Pillow (handmade) $10

Blanket $46
Blanket (patterned) $52
Hot/Cold Therapy Bag $35
Resistance Band $7
Joy-A-Toes $38
TFC Toe Spreaders $16

Shop for Halfmoon and B-Mat props through QSY and get 15% OFF

This is a great option for items that we do not carry, or when we are out of stock.

  • For Halfmoon, click here.
  • For B Yoga, click here.

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