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Dynamic Aging: a Retreat in the City

Dynamic Aging: a Retreat in the City

Sat Sept 21 - 9:00am-4:00pm with Stephen Filipowicz

$110+hst (Lunch is included)

A fun and mindful day to learn about honing your balance, building strength for bone density, and improving functional movements like getting up and down from the floor, carrying things, walking, and climbing stairs.

The morning session will be focused on techniques and exercises for foot, ankle, and hip strength. We’ll apply this learning to find more ease on stairs, to improve your balance, and to walking mindfully outdoors. Midday, we’ll have a simple and healthy catered lunch together. In the afternoon we’ll work on hip and shoulder mobility, discuss smart footwear considerations, and end the day with a rejuvenating Gentle Pilates practice that will leave you feeling “at home” in your body.

We are all aging every day, so all ages are welcome! The exercises and movements throughout the day will be moderately paced with lots of time to ask questions. People of any fitness level, including brand new beginners are welcome. 

Please note our studio is on the 3rd floor without an elevator. We apologize for this barrier to accessibility.


This course has been expertly geared to help us age comfortably and safely. I have taken many yoga classes over the years, but this one has been one of the most outstanding.

Marlene H

I have been practicing my feet, ankle, and calf lifts from the course regularly and noticed on a recent trip that pain in my ankles and calves from walking on uneven surfaces for 4-6 hours a day was quickly alleviated by switching my shoes to a neutral heel. Thanks so much for all of the practical tips for strengthening the muscles in my legs to prevent and alleviate pain. 

Julie M


STEPHEN FILIPOWICZ (Honours BA Dance, University of Waterloo) was first introduced to Pilates in the mid 70’s as part of his Dance training. He was drawn to it years later when he was was recovering from a knee and back injury and sought it as part of his rehabilitation. He is Certified through the PhysicalMind Institute and has been teaching Pilates since 1999. As the founder and owner of KW Pilates, Stephen is among the most established and experienced figures in Pilates in Ontario.Stephen has used his extensive background in movement, exercise and Pilates to train elite athletes and professional dancers to enhance their performance. He is also experienced at working with the novice exerciser and finds that no matter what level of fitness a person is at they can benefit from this Method.