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Restorative Yoga Immersion

Deepen your understanding of a wide array of Restorative Yoga postures, relaxation and meditative techniques, physical alignment, nervous system function, breath physiology, and energetics. This will provide you a wide scope of tools to use in your practice. Our holistic approach along with lots of individualized guidance and attention will help you deepen your understanding of the key postures, how to sequence them for the greatest effect, and how to use restorative yoga to assist with common challenges such as insomnia, headaches, anxiety, back pain and menstrual difficulties.

After immersing in the practice of Restorative Yoga, an additional weekend of training will prepare yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and therapists to share this wonderful practice with students and/or clients. Learn more about the additional training here

Restorative Yoga Immersion $275+hst