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Yoga, Climate & Community: a Day Retreat

Yoga, Climate & Community: a Day Retreat
with Scott Morton-Ninomiya & Kate Parizeau

Sat Apr 25, 10am-4pm, includes catered lunch

The world is searching for solutions to the climate crisis, but it is easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless, and hopeless. This day retreat aims to bring people together to feel connected and emboldened in community as we face the climate crisis. We will explore together how yoga and community can be the ground we stand on as we face the climate crisis and pursue the bold changes we want to see. Using a combination of embodied practice, personal reflection, and collective sharing, we will focus on three themes:

Resist: The learning and growth we experience in yoga can inspire us to build a culture of sustainability and care rather than a culture of destruction and waste. Yoga is a call to slow down, to return to the wisdom of our bodies, to nurture a sense of connection.

Restore: Yoga can help us to find what we need within ourselves to take on one of humanity’s greatest challenges, restoring our sense of balance, and helping us to engage the world from a place of centered strength rather than fear and despair.

Re-imagine: In yoga, we focus on our bodies and minds - how we notice and respond to sensation, impulse, thoughts, and feelings in our experience. We will start to shift the focus from our individual bodies to the body of the world and how we can take that learning beyond the studio to develop creative solutions in our communities.

To make this workshop as accessible to as many people as possible, we will offer a sliding scale contribution. Please select the rate that fits your financial situation.
$45+hst - underemployed rate

$95+hst - employed rate

$135+hst - benefactor rate

2+ months of yoga experience recommended.