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Yoga & Mental Health Day Retreat

with marg hull

Saturday, November 16, 9:00am - 4:00pm // $110+hst

About our day:

In yogic philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga constitute a way to end suffering. On this day retreat, Marg will share from yogic tradition, her Masters in Theology: Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, and from her own life experience, about how building a yoga practice can promote healing in body, mind, and spirit. Through yoga poses, breathing, and meditative exercises, you’ll learn more about your body’s responses to stress. You may discover techniques that help manage mental/emotional patterns and increase groundedness, calmness, and emotional well-being.

You will explore:

- Simple yoga poses to calm, energize, empower, and nurture strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility
- Meditation practices to deepen a connection to your own inner wisdom
- How our thinking is part of creating our reality, and how we can affect change
- How stress affects your body, mind, and nervous system
- Opportunities for reflection, journaling, and connecting with community

The day will also include an evidence-based talk by Naturopathic Doctor Laura Tummon-Simmons about:

- How different body systems impact mental health including anxiety, depression, and stress, and why investigating and treating the whole body is so important
- Dietary and lifestyle changes for optimizing mood on a daily basis
- The evidence, or lack thereof, behind common natural treatments for depression and anxiety

This day retreat will include a catered lunch and the opportunity to connect with others over a shared meal.

This workshop is intended to be a complement to but not a replacement for professional mental health support. No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.