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Mindful Strength Immersion

Mindful Strength Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young

Mindful Strength Master Class - SOLD OUT - Fri June 7, 7pm-9pm, $50+hst

Explore the practice of Mindful Strength, and experience how Kathryn’s innovative blend of yoga and strength work can be a healing practice. Kathryn will give a short introductory talk, and lead the group through a dynamic practice that will have you exploring strength, balance, and mobility in fun and creative ways. All levels welcome!

Mindful Strength Immersion - Sat & Sun June 8-9, 10am-12:30pm, 2-5pm, $275+hst

In this Immersion you will learn creative and innovative ways to diversify your movement practice. Kathryn will share sustainable and progressive techniques to increase strength (upper and lower body, and core integration), mobility, balance, and functional movement. The Immersion will include studio and outdoor practices (weather permitting). Come ready to move outside the box!

Experiential movement will be woven together with discussion of the key principles of Kathryn’s Mindful Strength approach. Topics covered will include: strength, effective breathing, aging & bone density, joint preparation, tissue adaptation, mobility, biomechanics, recovery, and mindfulness. Sequencing, progression, and class/practice structure will also be outlined, to give participants an idea of how to practice Mindful Strength on their own and how to share it with others.

Open to all levels! This workshop is ideal for practitioners and teachers of all disciplines who are seeking new inspiration that will change the way you look at movement.

About Kathryn Bruni-Young

Kathryn has been teaching for over a decade, and over the last five years she has revolutionized the practices of strength training and postural yoga. Her work is appreciated worldwide and her podcast has become a hub for yoga, strength and rehab professionals to unpack ideas about movement, empowerment, body image and strength. Kathryn's teaching has been influenced by Ido Portal Method, Somatic Experiencing, yoga, and PICP structural balance, among many other modalities. In 2017 she was named one of the Top Fifteen Millennial Yoga Teachers to watch by Yoga Journal. Learn more about Kathryn here.