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Reiki & Body Resilience

A headshot of Natasha Allain who offers reiki and body resilience at Queen Street Yoga.

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Natasha's Offerings

Natasha aims to create a safe space where you can show up exactly as you are. Together, you will discuss what has been going on in your life and form an intention for how you want to approach healing. It is important to add that healing does not always mean curing, and although you will set an intention and identify a ‘need’ or a direction you want to explore, Natasha is not here to fix or change you. Together, in session, you will work in tandem with Natasha and what can be called your “spirit team” to illuminate and support you in self discovery.

Natasha has many resources to offer; however it will be your belief systems and openness that will determine which tools come out to play. Natasha will begin with an invocation calling in all benevolent and compassionate guides as well as any ancestors present to assist, and here she will open her Reiki channels. In session, you will gain access to your sensory awareness (what's happening in your body), you may see images or colours on the backs of your eyes, and you will experience a quieting of the mind and body. Reiki works with your parasympathetic system, nurturing healing and recovery within your body, mind, and spirit.

In closing, there will be time for sharing reflections and messages and Natasha will leave you with some homework to take with you. These sessions can act as a powerful healing catalyst when you are committed to continuing your own work both on and off the table. Please wear comfortable clothing and give yourself enough time after session to allow for integration and transition.

We are living in a culture that is very busy. We work more than we rest, we spend hours in front of technology that gives off blue light, and we carry a lot of physical and psychological stress. The impact of living this way for a long period of time increases our cortisol levels, leading to imbalance in multiple internal systems creating symptoms such as exhaustion, low immunity, high stress/anxiety, depression, body pain, etc.

Both Restorative Yoga AND Reiki work with the Parasympathetic System responsible for calming the body while nurturing rest and recuperation. A match made in heaven! Give yourself the space to embody restorative postures, while receiving one-on-one hands-on healing. Reiki Restorative Yoga is designed to be a practice that encourages your body to find equanimity.

Your session will begin with a brief conversation about where you’ve been holding tension or pain and what postures would best serve you. Natasha will construct a sequence to meet your needs and help you move in and out of the different poses. While you rest in the poses, Natasha will provide hands-on healing. Following the session there will be time for reflection and Natasha may offer you homework and/or a short home sequence for you to continue practicing and healing at your own pace.

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing with layers. All props will be provided on location.

Body resilience is for you if you are wanting support in integrating big experiences in your life, involving joy, love, grief, fear, shame, etc. Using both an energetic and manual approach, Body Resilience works closely with the Central Nervous System (CNS), directing subtle (bio) energy throughout your nerves, organs, and brain.

As your Body Resilience Guide, Natasha will translate what she hears from your body, share different images or feelings that she intuits, and she will work with both physical movement techniques as well as energetic and emotional practices to transform, activate, move, and release subtle (bio) energy throughout your body. Please wear comfortable clothing that is conducive to stretching and rest.

Body Resilience sessions include the following techniques:

Physical Techniques

  • Sweeping
  • Gentle massage
  • Acupressure pointing
  • Tapping (similar to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique)

Energetic Practices

  • Mapping the meridian lines
  • Tuning fork resonance clearing
  • Bio-energy movement & alignment

Emotional Practices

  • Boundary setting
  • Narratives and stories held in the body
  • Shadow work
  • Attachment styles

Complimentary Meet & Greet 

  • 30 minutes: Free

Intuitive Reiki Alignment 

  • 45 minutes: $80+hst
  • 60 minutes: $95+hst
  • 90 minutes: $105+hst

Reiki Restorative Yoga

  • 60 minutes: $80+hst
  • 75 minutes: $95+hst

Body Resilience 

  • 45 minutes: $80+hst
  • 60 minutes: $95+hst
  • 90 minutes: $105+hst

Complimentary Meet & Greet

Are you curious about Natasha’s offerings? Do you have questions you’d like to ask before booking a session? This time is designed for you to get to know Natasha as a practitioner, see if your energies and approaches to healing align, and then determine a good starting place for your first appointment. 

Meet & Greets are free, and booked for 30 minutes in length.

About Natasha Allain

Directed and impacted by Jungian Psychology, Shamanic ceremony, and the energetic healing system of Sensei Usui, Natasha brings a diverse bag of tools to session. As a multi-faceted Healer, Natasha works closely with the central nervous system, listening and interacting with the energetic centers, mental stories stored in the body, muscle groups, joints, and subtle body responses within. In her practice, Natasha encourages a holistic approach to healing, where acknowledgement and alignment of the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies set the foundation for healing.

Today you will find Natasha teaching yoga and intuitive movement classes, talking to her plants and animals, making music, and co-facilitating ecstatic dance events. She is healing her communities one song, one dance, one session at a time.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Natasha’s degrees are in Research Specialist Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in mental health and addiction for years in Perth, Australia as well as locally in our Kitchener community. In search of different ways to empower people and initiate healing, Natasha pursued yoga teacher training and soon after uncovered the magic of dance and intuitive movement. These past four years have been rich with trainings in energy work, ceremony, functional anatomy, trauma, facilitated shadow work in circle, and sound healing.

Bio-energy is renewable energy that is produced by living organisms. So much of our body’s communication and interpretation is translated and processed through bio energy. Some examples of bio-energy exchange and awareness would be: going to the Farmer’s Market and feeling the busyness of all the people buzzing around - how does that space impact your feeling or thinking?

Now reflect on how you feel before and after a restorative yoga class - so much of your experience is impacted by the class’ ability - as a collective - to down regulate their nervous systems and calm themselves. Although it doesn’t feel great to catch the busyness of a large crowd of people around you, it can be empowering to remember that in the same way, we too can shift the bio-energetic state within ourselves and possibly others. In this perspective, we can start to play with the idea that our biology is adaptable - it can shift and be changed. Let us utilize this flow and aid your body in moving its energy into a more harmonic state.

Reiki is an energy practice that is gifted to a practitioner after devote study and initiation into a channel that provides access to what could be called universal energy or in our yoga practice,prana (life force). Reiki is unbiased energy that flows with its own wisdom to areas of need within the body and mind. There is no controlling Reiki, only asking and opening to receive. 

In Bio-Energetic work, the practitioner has developed the intuitive skills to listen and build rapport with the physical and energetic bodies so that they may direct energy, shift imbalances, and act as a messenger and/or translator for what’s happening within the body. In Bio-energetic work the practitioner is the shifting force, whereas in Reiki the practitioner is the channel or hollow bone for wisdom and energy to move through.

Tuning forks are a tool for sound healing and body work. As our bodies are made up of energy that vibrates at various levels, tuning forks work to regulate your internal systems through resonance. Natasha works with a set of body forks that have weights at the tips of the forks and a neck that is designed for placing at various points on the body (following intuition as well as acupressure points and meridians). The weights at the tips of the forks increase the magnitude of the vibration, not changing its key, but expanding the current vibration so that it may travel further throughout your body. Vibration travels fast through water and bone, so the experience of these vibrations can increase sensory awareness as well as conscious connections to different areas in your body.

During session you may feel buzzing, heat, flowing or circulating sensations, various emotions (anger, sadness, joy, shame, greif), tired, energized, light, heavy, loved, the list can go on. Energy and body work is such a personal practice it is difficult to predict you how you will feel. However, throughout the years of her practice, Natasha has noticed themes and patterns. After session Natasha asks her students, “In a word or two how do you feel?”, and these are the most common reflections: loved, clear, light, and relaxed.

Following your session you may feel:

  • Thirsty - Like massage therapy, it can be helpful to drink extra water after your session to help your system cleanse and clear out
  • Tired - Here your body may be communicating to you that it needs more time to heal and process and would like to rest or sleep.
  • Energized - After providing space for you to receive what you need, you may experience a wave of energy.
  • Clarity - It is amazing how sometimes we just need to declutter the mind/body and then everything else becomes clearer.
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety - Through working with your nervous system, and encouraging it to downregulate, you will leave with a sense of embodiment (heavier in the body and less in the mind) and calmer/slower thought pace.
  • Body Pain - Often students share they feel no pain or a reduction of pain in their problem spots. With working with the body, mind, and energy in identified holding or pain areas, there can be a reduction of inflammation, surface level pain, and emotional attachment to pain. Body Resilience is designed to work alongside physio or prescribed body work treatment, and it is not suggested to be a replacement.