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Yoga at Home

Practicing Yoga from Home

If you're used to practicing in our studio space, with our teachers and all of the luxurious props we have here at QSY, it might not feel the same when you begin or expand your home practice. Beyond staying connected with you online, we have some advice and options for bolstering your home practice with props (pun definitely intended).

  • A mat is great, but not 100% necessary. You could practice on the carpet floor, or if you're on hardwood, tile or laminate, it's nice to keep a towel or blanket nearby for padding your knees or other bony parts.
  • Staying somewhat close to a wall is great for accessing support for balance poses.

Do you find it harder to get into "the zone" with online yoga? Us too.⁠

Without the immersive experience of coming to a class in person, with a room full of bodies and souls moving and breathing together, often with music and the threshold-crossing transition of travelling to the studio, there just aren’t as many environmental cues that your practice time and space are somehow *different.*⁠

One way to respond is just to let it be what it is. This is a new scenario, so of course it’s going to be different.⁠

But if you miss the way that coming to a yoga class helped you rally your energy, or centre your awareness, considering making a ritual out of setting up for class.⁠

Some environmental cues you might create for yourself to indicate that it’s Yoga Time:⁠

  • Light a candle, or turn on/off specific lamps and lighting⁠
  • Play a record or a playlist⁠
  • Burn incense or diffuse essential oils⁠
  • Turn off notifications on your phone using airplane mode⁠
  • Close any doors to other areas of your house, sealing you in a Yoga bubble⁠
  • Make a date with a friend to take the same class

  • In place of bolsters and foamies: find a throw pillow, a bed pillow or a couch pillow (or two for restorative) to use in restorative poses and during savasana
  • In place of cotton yoga blankets: find a throw blanket, a wool blanket, a beach blanket or picnic blanket. Duvets and comforters are OK but not great because they are so squishy.
  • In place of blocks: find a couple of your thickest books, dictionaries and big compendiums work well. You might want to use masking tape or painter's tape to secure them shut.
  • In place of a strap: find a bathrobe belt, tie, or long sturdy scarf.
  • In place of a folding chair: grab a dining room chair, or really any chair without wheels to use as support for balance poses, and in the myriad ways that chairs can bring interest to our practice.

We have a number of props available to purchase including mats, blocks, straps, cushions, bolsters, therapy balls, and a number of miscellaneous items. You will be able to pay via credit card over the phone, and make a secure no-human-contact pick-up.

Please see our Retail Page for a list of items and prices.