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30 Days of Practice

A November Challenge with the QSY Community

30 Days of Practice is a routine reset, a commitment to showing up for yourself, and a community of enthusiastic folks who want to support one another.

Each day, you’ll receive a 15- to 30-minute practice video guided by one of our all-star teachers. Welcoming to beginners, but spicy enough for seasoned practitioners, every session is unique. The arc of the 30 days includes a well-rounded variety of practices including energizing flows, strength building, restorative yoga, and mindfulness.

This November, when the days turn cold and dark, we invite you to dig deep and reach out for the self-care and community connection that keeps you feeling grounded and enlivened. You’re invited to connect with our teachers and fellow participants in two live group calls as well as daily accountability chats in our community Facebook group.

Join from the comfort of your home, practice any time of day, and access this supportive journey to consistency for just $30. Runs from November 1 to 30 (with videos available until December 4). Come along!

Show Up for Yourself & for The Community

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Is 30 Days of Practice for you?

This 30-Day Challenge is perfect for anyone who needs a little peer support and group energy to stick to your intentions. We believe that accepting the boost of external accountability is healthy, and that it's unrealistic to do everything all on your own.

We picked November because the weather is cooling off and we're all heading indoors more frequently. We wanted to create something accessible in terms of time, finances and COVID-related boundaries around gathering.

The 30 practice videos are approachable and light-hearted so you have lots of space to experiment and learn if you're just starting your practice. That said, there will be opportunities to lean in and branch out if you're on the more experienced side. Plus, the videos are short, sweet and to the point, so you can fit them into your daily life.

Journey Together Towards Consistent Practice

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Nitty Gritty Details

  • $30, 30 days, 30 videos, each 15-30 minutes long.
  • One new video released each day; all videos available until December 4.
  • Tech requirements: participants will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone plus internet connection to participate.
  • Virtual Studio Platform: after you register and before November 1, you'll receive an email from our team with all the details you'll need to access our user-friendly virtual platform. Keep an eye out for that email.
  • All existing Virtual Unlimited Members: you're getting access for free!